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  • Anti Patriotism Research Paper

    The past 20 or so years have undeniably been stormy ones for our country. Between threats of terrorism, huge schisms in ideology, and accusations of anti patriotism, it’s no wonder the coming presidential election is heating up to be more of a three ring circus than an exercise in civic responsibility. However, “it all comes ‘round again” has been my take on American history, and while this type of uber patriotism flames up from time to time, I’m reminded of another specific time in American history when charges of anti Americanism were rampant. So rampant in fact, laws were passed that seemed to go against the freedoms we were fighting for in the first place!! Let’s hop in the old historical time machine to the turbulent 1790s, our…

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  • National Pride And Cosmopolitanism Analysis

    In her article “Patriotism and Cosmopolitanism,” Nussbaum gives us another instance of love of country described in Rabindranath Tagore’s novel The Home and The World. Nussbaum talks about how was a young wife called Bimala fascinated by the patriotic discourse of her husband’s friend Sandip who founded Swadeshi movement that calls for a “boycott of foreign goods” (Nussbaum 3). Bimala talked about her husband’s cool and cosmopolitan devotion to this idea when he thinks that he is ready to serve…

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  • Essay On What It Means To Be A True American

    state, town, gang, school, country, it doesn 't really matter. People love to be a part of something bigger than themselves, and countries are no different and definitively fall into this category. Countries are normally relatively simple to group. For thousands of years, wherever you lived or your religion generally determined what nationality you were. Even today that is a part of determining whether or not someone is from a country. What if you had an entire country filled with people who…

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  • Patriotism Vs Nationalism Essay

    et al. (2001) defined patriotism as an affective attachment towards the in-group, such as the senses of belongingness, responsibility and pride while Dekker et al (2003) defines nationalism as feeling a sense of belonging towards their own nation, and desiring to establish and maintain a separate and independent state for their own nation. The difference between patriotism and nationalism is that the patriot is proud of his country for its achievement whereas the nationalists are proud of their…

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  • Essay On All Quiet On The Western Front

    the front did not fight for glory of their nation but for their own survival. They either have to kill or be killed. Many soldiers including Remarque believed that their enemy was not the opposing country but the men in power in their own nation because they believed that they were sacrificed to the war to increase their own power and glory. They believed that this war was useful only for the leaders because of their greed for power. Paul Baumer’s perception on war when he was just nineteen…

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  • Persuasive Speech About School Uniforms

    Think about this situation, you are at school and suddenly there is an earthquake tornado or some other natural disaster. Sadly most of the students are killed, later the parents are called in to help identify some of the remains. How are these parents going to figure out if this corpse is their child? Hmmm… maybe by what they saw their child walk out of the house in that morning, so uniforms actually could cause a problem instead of help fix them.      School uniforms…

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  • Aspects Of War In Remarque's All Quiet On The Western Front

    The most difficult moment for Paul is when he faces a French soldier. This was truly a tragic moment that changed Paul’s perspective of war. The language that Remarque uses is so simple and yet very touching. The sentences in this chapter are particularly “short and bring out the constant sense of fear and the threat of death that accompany battle; longer ones are employed for the self-analysis that Paul undergoes” (Hutchinson 60). The whole idea of war and patriotism falls into questioning. The…

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  • Summary Of Erich Maria Remarque's All Quiet On The Western Front

    born on June 22, 1898, in Osnabruck, Germany. He received U.S. citizenship in 1947, but preferred to live in Europe until he died on September 25, 1970, in Locarno, Switzerland at the age of seventy-two. His famous novel All Quiet on the Western Front was first published in 1928 in the German newspaper Vossische Zeitung and published in a book form later in 1929. Because of the nature of the novel, “it was banned and burned in Nazi Germany for promoting anti-war sentiment” (Tighe 48). Remarque…

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  • Vergissmeinnicht And All Quiet On The Western Front, By Keith Douglas And Eric Remarque

    War; a state of armed conflict between different nations or states. World War I, commonly known as “The Great War”, took the meaning of the word ‘war’ to a whole new level. The War destroyed a generation of men, physically and mentally, through it’s barbarity and failure to acknowledge the similarities between “enemies”. New technologies, nationalism, and militarism introduced an uprising of not only violence but a response in literature. Authors such as Keith Douglas and Erich Maria Remarque…

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  • Cubism, Orphism And Futurism In Modern Art

    renaissance created a space in the picture which vanished into a single point in order to replicate the three dimensionality of our vision. This coupled with the use of shading and toning to accentuate the weight of form worked to create the illusion of looking into a realistic space. The use of formal conventions such as perspective and tone are illusionistic and therefore they were abandoned by these modern artists who were inspired to achieve a more conceptual representation of space and…

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