Antibacterial soap

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  • Triclosan Research Paper

    2, 2016 that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has declared a ban on the sale of soaps containing 19 chemicals designed to make the soaps antibacterial (Travernise, 2016, para. 1). This ban will affect approximately 40 percent of liquid and bar soaps currently on the market (Tavernise, 2016, para. 2). In 2013, the FDA had allowed the industry two years to prove the safety and efficacy of the added ingredients before making a decision as to the future of the chemicals (Travernise, 2016, para. 7). The manufacturers, however, have failed to produce enough evidence to prove to the FDA that the chemicals make a significant contribution to soaps efficiency or squash mounting safety…

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  • Non-Scent Of Soap Essay

    The purpose of this experiment was to see if different fragrances affected a soap’s antibacterial properties. In this experiment, non-scented Alconox soap was used as the control. The experimental groups consisted of Joy lemon dishwashing soap, Dawn Escapes New Zealand Springs dishwashing soap, and the soap from the campus bathroom dispenser. The subject’s hands were washed with each of these soaps for approximately 30 seconds with each soap. The subject’s right hand was swabbed for each sample.…

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  • Patchouli Soap Essay

    HELPFUL TIPS: Vi-Tae “Get Lathered Up –Patchouli Soap“ Sensitive skin needs to be handled with utmost care. If you have sensitive skin, sunspots, rashes, itching and pimples are very common. Vi-Tae’s Patchouli Soap is a one of a kind soap that not only helps to soothe sensitive skin; it also helps to get rid of body odor. Packed with antiseptic, antibacterial, astringent, antiphlogistic and antifungal properties, Patchouli helps to heal injured skin just as easily. Since Patchouli is also a…

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  • Chemical Reaction Of Soap And Bleach

    reaction can be dangerous I used the, A: soap and bleach and B: soap and water. The reaction in A as the week pass the soap starts to get smaller and smaller, on the left and the right it got white a little. The chemical reaction on A is that the bleach got clear and light at the soap that have been use in the experiment. In Bowl B the water and soap that have been used in the experiment was breaking up, getting lighter. In bowl B the soap took away the walker as the week have passed by because…

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  • Soap Vs Detergent

    The Difference between Detergent and Soap The reason for this case study is to dissect the Difference between detergent and soap. In this case study, I will define the meaning of the cleaning agents, I will give you an introductory, I will discover how they are made, I will discover how they work, and why one cleaning agents is better than the other. This case study will be designed using the descriptive scientific method. The meanings of Detergent and Soap A detergent is a substance that cleans…

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  • Dr Brronner's Castle Soap Case Study

    Adalaide Kline A11796368 TR 10:30 1. Dr. Bronner’s Castle Liquid Soap is an all-natural multipurpose soap. This product can be used for faces, hair, cleaning dishes, mopping the floor, and many more activities. Personally, I use this product for my hair. I came across it when I needed to find a new shampoo that did not weigh my hair down and make it feel clean for a longer period of time. 2. Product: This product is an all-natural cleanser that has no chemicals in it. Other shampoo products…

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  • Hardieplank Research Paper

    James Hardie Building Products revolutionized the siding industry with the introduction of HardiePlank, a fiber cement siding that provides superior resistance to fire and insects. The texture of HardiePlank closely mimics traditional wood siding, and the product is available in a wide range of colors or primed so that homeowners can paint it to match or contrast with the rest of the exterior. Due to its strength, durability and classic appearance, HardiePlank has become the most popular siding…

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  • What Is Soap And Detergent Essay

    Soap and Detergent Soap and Detergent are the cornerstones of human cleanliness. Soap is, “a substance used with water for washing and cleaning, made of a compound of natural oils or fats with sodium hydroxide or another strong alkali, and typically having perfume and coloring added”( Soap 2018 ). Detergent is, “ a water-soluble cleansing agent that combines with impurities and dirt to make them more soluble and differs from soap in not forming a scum with the salts in hard water” ( Detergent…

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  • Service Oriented Architecture Paper

    network. A web service is identified by a URI and uses standard Internet languages and protocols. There are two competing architectural styles for building web services: SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) based and REST (REpresentational State Transfer) based. SOAP is a W3C messaging protocol for exchanging information in web services. It is based on XML. The service interfaces are specified by a Web Services Description Language (WSDL) and service discovery is done using UDDI (Universal…

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  • Hand Sanitizer Experiment

    The null hypothesis was that washing hands with only water, washing hands with soap, or using hand sanitizer would have no effect growth of microbes. First to test for outliers in my data I used the five number summary. There was a mild outlier (110) detected in the hand sanitizer group, but was not removed because it did not drastically skew the results. The first bar graph (seen in the data section of paper) can be used to compare data. The first bar graph includes standard error bars that…

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