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  • Anti Hero Characteristics

    far and being punished. The punishment is and his insecurities for ‘Cheswick’ who becomes overwhelmed and commits suicide. This sprawls McMurphy into fighting against the ward and Nurse Ratched with motivations very similar too Achilles own vendetta that brought him back to the battlefield. Achilles expresses his invincibility openly during the Iliad to much of the same degree as McMurphy. He believes he is untouchable and in doing so creates more violent situations as the plot progresses. McMurphy weakness however lies in the fact that he was manipulated himself my Nurse Ratched and Billy’s suicide leads to his attack on her. While doing so he rips ‘The Man with No Name’ is the lead character in the western ‘dollars’ trilogy but his antihero attributes can be focussed in on his persona during his first movie ‘A Fist full of Dollars’. The story follows a stranger who enters a small feud torn Mexican town, he is notified of two families trying to take control of the town and in doing so disrupting peace of the folk. The stranger sees this as an opportunity to make “a fist full of dollars” and plays off the two families. Like 'The Man with No Name' R.P McMurphy is seen as a stranger to his new surroundings (the ward), it is clear to most of the patients that the 'stranger' isn’t of the ordinary and doesn’t belong there. As the 'stranger' McMurphy stays passives and observes the situation of the ward where he comes to the resolution that Nurse Ratched is wrongfully…

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  • Norman Culture And Society's Influence On Society

    genre itself influences society’s view in the sense of an escape. The TV series Bates Motel is a getaway for society. The fact that we can see ourselves in the main character Norman is what influences society to empathize with him. It is implied that Norman’s mother’s emotional abuse towards him is what is responsible for his strange behavior. She raised Norman to believe that all women wanted was sex and that this was very sinful. Whenever any woman showed signs of interest in Norman or showed…

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  • Character Analysis Of Angels In America By Tony Kushner

    Anguish and Angels Who is the protagonist of Angels in America? Why? How does or does not this individual (or individuals) fit into the Aristotelian concept of a protagonist? Angels in America by Tony Kushner is a classic case of finding one’s identity through truth and lies, that’s coupled with the stigma of disease and sexual orientation. The play features two couples, Louis and Prior, and Joe and Harper who’s fates all seem to come together after each of them undergoes troubling experiences.…

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  • Antihero Characters

    An Antihero is someone who has flaws. These flaws may pertain to that of a villain or a dunce. Though these characters were unconventional back in the day, they have gained momentum in today’s world. Characters such as Georgie from Emergency, or Salim from Slumdog Millionaire, or Elwood Dowd from Harvey all have personality traits that we Americans find attractive because of what they do and how they live life. Georgie is someone who has noble intentions, but he’s a drug addict. Salim is a type…

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  • Similarities Between The Great Gatsby And Willy Loman

    Jay Gatsby and Willy Loman both clearly provide us with an insight into a failed dream. In both of these stories the characters present us with their views of the American dream. To most the American dream is the idea that we will achieve prosperity and happiness and that we will fulfill all of our wishes. Each of the stories presents us with a unique scenario and a dream that relates only to that character. Some similarities are evident in both of these stories like, a failed dream and the…

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  • Dehumanization In Literature

    They are entirely average and ordinary. They have no characteristics, physical or personality wise, that stand out to the audience and are in no way unique. Gregor, Prufrock, and the Signal-Man are not heroes, and they do not triumph over some malicious villain and save the day. They are instead the antihero. Each of them make their own mistakes and, more often than not, fail. The Signal-Man fails to figure out the ghosts purpose, and actually dies trying. Prufrock fails to better himself and…

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  • Maleficent And Antihero

    the humans bring with them wherever they go. His entire reason for being in the Moors is because he was trying to steal a jewel. He is entirely focused on himself and his success. Interestingly enough, with the change of Maleficent from a villain to an antihero, we see the change of Stefan from a hero to a villain. This is something that I am going to affectionately call “filling the villain gap.” What this means is that every story has to have a villain, in one form or another. After all, what…

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  • Pride Comes Before The Tragedy Analysis

    A wise man once said” Pride comes before the fall”. This means that when person is proud he or she does not notice people around them, do not sympathize with them, does not see other humans their positive qualities and this leads to a both physical and moral falls. They are starting to do a lot of mistakes without thinking about the consequences. This quote is true in the book Antigone and in the short story “To Build a Fire”. Sophocles’ Antigone and Jack London’s “To Build a Fire” shows that…

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  • Macbeth A Villain Analysis

    Macbeth is a character who made a decision which changed his life for the worse, but did this decision turn him into a villain? Macbeth murdered the king in order to try and gain the throne. He had been under the king for many years, but was told a prophecy that he would be king. The prophecy made him anxious for the crown so he took it by force and took the King’s life. Afterwards he feels guilty for what he has done but still continues the plot in order to rule the kingdom. Villain …

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  • Tragic Hero In Antigone

    Heroes come in various shapes and forms. Some as strong and powerful as Superman, some who changed and defied society such as Dr. Martin Luther King, and some that only heroes to a few such as a family relative or celebrity. In Sophocles’ Antigone, the debate of who the actual tragic hero is has been discussed for quite some time. It is very unlikely for there to be more than one tragic character in a Greek tragedy. Creon, the other main character in the play has some of the traits that make up…

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