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  • Marxism In The Handmaid's Tale

    The Handmaid’s Tale lays out a future dystopic world where a ¬¬new elite has come to power on the ostensible basis of religion. The story follows a young woman and her struggle to deal with the society built around her and her soci¬¬¬al position within it. This struggle provides a new insight when examined through a Marxian lens, with an emphasis on the theories of Gramsci and Althusser, by providing illumination on the novel’s existing political hierarchy and the basis for the struggle itself. It is first important to analyze how this society came to fruition. One of its root causes is the birth rate. In The Handmaid’s Tale historical notes, it gives us evidence¬ of the pre-Gileadean age by attributing growing social problems to “an age…

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  • The Importance Of Education In George Orwell's Animal Farm

    As evident by the influence of education in forming class structure, the pigs (here Bourgeoisie), take advantage of the fact that the other animals are not as learned as themselves and they make sure that they remain like that. As Antonio Gramsci also puts in his essay, “There is no unity between school and life, and so there is no automatic unity between instruction and education” (qtd. Gramsci, 52) The pigs who understand that practical education can cause other animals to cause a rebellion,…

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  • Ideological Hegemony In The Middle East

    able mediate and provide an avenue for their grievances tying into the first essay mentioned in the above. Though Gramsci’s analysis was more concerned with the political realm, he would also note the cultural effects of hegemony by noting the ideological apparatus on how the dominant intellectuals sell their visions. In relation to the state, Gramsci’s theory of hegemony would come to illustrate the purpose of intellectuals “guiding” the common man into abandoning his native tongue and speaking…

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  • Antonio Gramsci Hegemony Summary

    POLITICAL HEGEMONY This week’s readings start with Antonio Gramsci who was a very influential Marxist theorist and politician that his ideas are still relevant today. Gramsci followed the Marx but he added much more to the Marxist tradition in terms of explaining why Western societies didn’t experience the revolution. He introduced the concepts of civil and political society as two main parts of the superstructure and most importantly he defined hegemony as the mixture of coercion and consent.…

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  • Antonio Gramsci's Concept Of Cultural Hegemony In The Early 20th Century

    Antonio Gramsci Introduction Antonio Gramsci was born on January 22 of 1891, in Sardinia, Italy. Gramsci’s journey began in 1915 where he became a journalist for the Italian Socialist Party. However, it was not until 1921 when Gramsci had become a prominent member of the party which split into the Italian Communist Party. On November 8th of 1926 he was arrested for speaking against fascism. Gramsci’s familiarity began in the confine of Regina Coeli prison. His long sentence resulted in his…

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  • Black Marxism And Cedric Robinson's Black Marxism

    A brand takes the most idealized version of societally bound standards and commercializes a privileged race, class, or gender to increase momentum of hegemony and racial capitalism. This, as both philosophers Antonio Gramsci and Cedric Robinson would explain, is a direct effect of the formation of prioritizing a particular race and class thus manipulating our culture’s beliefs and values. In Black Marxism, Professor Cedric Robinson traces the concept of competition between races back to the…

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  • Mistero Buffo: Mary Under The Cross

    the aristocracy and the Church that were prominent in the everyday life and politics of the people. Because they were critical of those in power, they would often be met with punishments of maiming and even death (Behan 95). However, Dario Fo was not met with these same fates despite his critiques of those in power. Instead, he was able to devise theatre in found spaces, such as factories, especially in the early performances of Mistero Buffo. In fact, he was protected by the loyalty of his…

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  • Ernesto Laclau: Poulantzas Debate Analysis

    4. Various Responses to Miliband-Poulantzas Debate 4.1. Ernesto Laclau: Methodological and Epistemological Problem Robin Blackburn (2014) described Ernesto Laclau as “the outstanding Argentinean political philosopher ... the author of landmark studies of Marxist theory and of populism as a political category and social movement. ... Used the work of Antonio Gramsci to reject what they saw as the reductionism and teleology of much Marxist theory... a ‘post-Marxist’ and an advocate of ‘radical…

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  • The Role Of Hegemony In Schools

    I would argue that the main point of this chapter is that schooling has not been focusing on teaching students how to reflect, to critical think, and to judge the things they think and do. In addition, hegemony is a silent method of social dominance and subordinate groups seem to accept it without notice it. McLaren explains that critical pedagogy defines ideology in a way, in which we view the world with certain values, ideas, and beliefs. This gives our social and political life a…

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  • Don They Live Movie Analysis

    According to Comolli and Narboni, the notion of category e films refers to an ideology that is firmly established at a starting point; the spectator must know that the film is sending the signal that a particular prevailing ideology is considered the “norm” or the order of things. The spectator has to literally disregard a sector of films in which consciousness of the ideology is elicited in a way that renders it in a straightforward fashion. Then, as the film progresses, the spectator notices…

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