Marxism In Western Culture

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When considering American marketing strategies, “sex sells” is the predominant tool used to increase revenue, drive product awareness, and sculpt public values. The beauty and fashion industry serves as a model for how the average consumer should look, talk, act, think, and dress – ultimately convincing individuals that they will never be good enough unless they conform to these standards dictated by the ruling class of western commercialization. It is no secret that Western media culture produces an inordinate amount of images of digitally altered, white women to keep consumers chasing after an impalpable vision of what it means to be beautiful.
It is western culture saturating the market as well as our society’s standards of women that ultimately degrades the quality of the message behind the brand or advertisement at hand.
A brand takes the most idealized version of societally bound standards and commercializes a privileged race, class, or gender to increase momentum of hegemony and racial capitalism.
This, as both philosophers Antonio Gramsci and Cedric Robinson would explain, is a direct effect of the formation of prioritizing a particular race and class thus manipulating our culture’s beliefs and values.
In Black Marxism, Professor Cedric Robinson traces the
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Racial capitalism sets the standard of what is most valued in western culture and that defines western culture because it differs completely to those of eastern culture. Wearing hijabs as couture in western culture challenges the structure placed within our capitalist system because of our instinctive priority to value our homogenous cultural assessments over diverse non-western culture. Organizing race and class to fit within the parameters of this pyramid-shaped model determines how individuals interact with each other as well as view a particular society’s values and

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