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  • Case Study: Canton Mills Loft Apartment

    Date Canton Mills Loft Apartment Introduction Canton Mills Loft Apartment is one of the interesting places located in Atlanta. The apartment transformed from Canton Cotton Mill factory that was known to be the largest cotton Mill located in the South (Moore 684). The loft apartment is an important establishment in Atlanta. Incidentally, the apartment not only acts as rentals but as an income generating source for the people in Atlanta as well as the region 's economy. The Canton Mill Loft Apartment is strategically located in that the residents have close proximity to other important places and social amenities such as healthcare institutions and business premises. Over the years, negative reviews and comments from the customers…

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  • Condos Vs Small Town House Essay

    want peace and quiet while still maintaining some level of security and proximity to neighbours that a detached house lacks. Living in an apartment complex often has a community feeling that townhouses lack. You may form connections with your immediate neighbours in townhouses, but not always with other neighbours in the street or neighbourhood. On the other hand, noisy or disrespectful neighbours can be a bigger problem in an apartment building than a townhouse. Townhouses aren’t completely…

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  • The Importance Of Utopia In Trap City

    kicked out of the city. Families are generally loving, fun, and respectful to all other families in the city. Each family can have as many kids as they want because it is not regulated. But the family must know if they are not able to take care of the child or provide for them, the child will be given to someone who can. Housing is a very nice feature in Trap City. Houses are usually very beautiful on the inside and out. Your house depends on the amount of children you have. The more children…

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  • Disability Case Study: Rittenhouse Square

    Paper#1 Rittenhouse Square Resident constituency There are 120 people living in the building and 20% of them are couples. The average age is 55 to 60. 45 of them drive a car at least once a week. Most of residents don’t need walking assisting stuff. Three residents use a wheelchair regularly. Sixteen residents use a walking stick and two need a walker. Fifty residents bring their personal computers. Now 60% of residents come from original and don’t move out of Rittenhouse since they moved in.…

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  • My Small Town Narrative

    Some of the most vivid and memorable experiences in the short eighteen years of my life have been at what people know as “the slums of Atlanta.” I spent more than eight years in an old, inexpensive apartment complex and I recall the happiest times of my childhood living there. To me, this apartment complex embodied the true definition of a community because of its different immigrant and cultural groups that I befriended. Most of the families living there at the time were looking for an…

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  • Classroom Placement Reflection

    an observer will notice a variety of traditional 5 or 6 floor turn of the century apartment buildings. The condition of these building are pretty impressive given their age, a quick rent search on some of these building reinforces that point with rent prices well over $2,000. The area also features a few high rise apartment building too. Some of them look relatively modern giving off the look of luxury housing, while some look like average apartment buildings built during the 1960s. Finally one…

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  • Residential Real Estate Development

    HOLIDAY HOUSES: CHOSEN PROPERTY TYPE- Designing a holiday house must contain a number of features to meet the need of a resident staying in the home. These features include a relaxing view to look at, large amounts of space and an activity provided (usually a pool) and a second story level. For this estate it has been decided that the holiday houses will be backed up onto the canal. This gives us an opportunity to take advantage of the view and have the house opening up to the view. This open…

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  • Intentional Tort

    With the traditional routines of running a business, the owner should even be knowledgeable of laws that pertain to the business as well as the effects they may have. The incident that occurred at Springfield Arms Apartments brings about queries on where the accountability lies, with the owner or the trespasser. The responsibility is weighted legally as damages incurred. However this matter is handled by the owner reflects the kind of business ethics Springfield Arms Apartments is overseen by.…

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  • The Joys Of Buying A Home

    Buying a home is the largest and most important decision you will make. There are details to consider - such as what type of house, size, how much property, the area - and even the traffic patterns surrounding any potential home you might consider. If you are thinking about buying a home but don 't necessarily want all of the upkeep, a townhouse might be the right choice for you. With a townhouse, your space is your own. You can enjoy owning your own home without the upkeep and bother. When…

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  • The American Dream: The Rent To Own Home

    With the economy being so bad and people being out of work there are so many people who have given up on their dream of being a home owner. But people don’t have to give up on their dream when there are so many different options out there. The rent to own option is a wonderful program especially for young couples who have not established enough credit. There are some home owners who purchase homes and rent them out never think about the rent to own program and there are those that do offer that…

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