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  • Apology For Apology In School

    I decided to pay my respect to teachers, and always pay attention and never speak while others are talking. I am very sorry once again. There is nothing else I can say. I apologize deeply. My actions were wrong I should not have laughed at you, or at the other teachers. Once again there was no humor in what you had to say. The punishment you gave us is ridiculous. This essay is all right, but the suspension, is not the right thing to do. There are kids that vandalize school property and skip class, and there punishment is minor. All they have is ISS or a 3/5. Were getting suspended if we don’t write an essay. I admit that it was wrong to laugh at you, I apologize for that. But, the punishment is ridiculous. I’m very sorry for my actions. And I promise that I will never act that way ever again. I am very sorry for disrespecting you and the teachers. My actions were wrong, and I would like to apologize for my rudeness towards you and the other teachers. It was wrong to laugh and disrespect you and the teachers. I am very sorry for everything I did, I should not of laughed, nothing was funny. I guess I just had the…

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  • The Apology: The Dilemmas Of Plato's Apology

    The most authentic, valid, and useable record that has been kept protected and unspoiled of Socrates’ defense of himself is the Apology. While the words penned in the Apology were not documented at the time they were spoken, Plato was present at the trial and; therefore, the record documented in the Apology was the words and confrontations of Socrates as Plato remembered them. However, one should put in mind that Plato was an admirer of Socrates and believed he is the true hero; in addition, he…

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  • Analysis: The Apology Of Socrates

    was a Presocratic philosopher and Socrates was his student. Anaxagoras was an atheist, which led him to be exiled from Athens around 450 B.C. So the fact that Meletus likened Socrates against Anaxagoras was a serious charge in Athens. But in The Apology of Socrates, Socrates defends himself against these charges: “Therefore if I do believe in daimons, as you say, and if, on the one hand, daimons are gods of some sort, then this would be what I say you are riddling and jesting about, when you say…

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  • Socrates And The Apology Analysis

    “How you Athenians have been affected by my accusers, I cannot tell; but I know that they almost made me forget who I was – so persuasively did they speak; and yet they hardly uttered a word of truth” (PORTRAIT OF SOCRATES;SIR R. W. LIVINGSTONEp1.) In this assignment I will briefly explain what happened in the trail of Socrates as written by Plato, as well as what the different roles of philosophy as highlighted by Socrates in the apology. Role of philosophy is the caring of the human soul,…

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  • An Analysis Of Socrates In The Apology

    This essay is about Socrates in the Apology. Socrates was a philosopher, a religious fanatic and a man of reason who lived to questioned why things are the way they are, due to his occupation of questioning and reasoning he was later brought to court on charges of corrupting the young and encouraging people not to believe in godly things that are recognized by the state as said by his accusers. During his trial he said quite a numerous things in the Apology and he was found guilty by the juries…

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  • Apology To Socrates Analysis

    Socrates, despite being executed centuries ago, continues to be a standing figure of a system of beliefs that is still exists today. Many people throughout the centuries have taken Socrates words into their own lives despite him being constantly ridiculed for being a disgrace to Athens. Throughout Plato’s Apology to Socrates, Socrates not only defends himself in the courtroom with honest facts about his life, but uses this as his last lecture to humanity in order to convince the people of…

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  • The Role Of Socrates In The Apology

    In the recent discussions about Socrates in The Apology, a controversial issue has been whether Socrates should be considered Man Thinking, as termed by Emerson. On one hand, some argue that because Socrates was unable to use his ideas to act and become powerful in his time, he cannot be considered Man Thinking. From this perspective, Socrates is not Man Thinking because he only thought but did not act upon his ideas, being more like the scholar than Man Thinking. On the other hand, however,…

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  • Plato's Apology Analysis

    A Twist on the Meaning of an Apology (A discussion of the three most significant messages within Plato’s Apology) “ … the fact is that neither of us knows anything beautiful and good, but he thinks he does know when he doesn’t, and I don’t know and don’t think I do: so I am wiser than he is by only this trifle … “ (507). Plato is writing this famous dialogue called Apology, from within his teacher’s, Socrates, trial. Socrates is accused of corrupting the youth and being an atheist and in this…

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  • Irony In Socrates's Apology

    The irony lies in the fact that the title is ‘Apology’ however, Socrates isn’t apologizing, rather defending him self against what they’re charging him. The word apology derives from the Greek word apologia, meaning speaking in defense of a cause or of one's beliefs or actions. “As for me, I was almost carried away by them, they spoke so persuasively. And yet almost nothing they said is true”. (Plato, 26) Socrates is merely explaining that he did not intentionally corrupt the youth of Athens,…

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  • Socrates In Plato's Apology

    In Plato’s dialogue Apology, Socrates stands trail to defend himself from the accusations of “corrupting the youth” and disregarding the Gods of the state. In his speech he tells the jury that an oracle at Delphi told Chaerephon a friend of Socrates that Socrates is a man of wisdom and no man is wiser than he is. To prove this cannot be true Socrates conducts cross examinations to find someone who is wiser than he is. Through these examinations Socrates mission and main points are to help people…

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