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  • Cthulhu Coffee School: A Short Story

    Rigid tone sitting up straight.Greta rolled her eyes still smile at the tablet with her best friend on the screen.Stella was Only 30 mile Miles away but it might as well of been 1000 miles for Greta could not leave Chicago her new home. "my utmost apologies Stella but seriously Your you're teaching kids with Minecraft"Grada declared in an equally sarcastic voice her going quiet at the end as A withered lady glared in annoyance at her. "Yes indeed I assigned them to make a utopia Society using…

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  • Mastery Case Study: Mother´s Parent's Grandmother

    This mastery case is about a Mother and her children’s grandmother father’s side, who never had a good connection. Mother after her husband dies, she gets good helped children’s grandmother, and moved into grandmother’s home, to stay until mother founds place to live. Furthermore, mother knew that she will get help grandmother, however, Mother, also has emotion and stress of her husbands deceased, and additionally, looks to take care of her children. Prevention distressed and merciful is a…

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  • Death Of Ivan Ilyich And Death Of A Salesman Analysis

    Two books, The Death of Ivan Ilyich by Leo Tolstoy and Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller, give insight two men’s consequences of leading a specific life when faced with the thought of death. Their deaths mean more than just passing off from the mortal world, it reflects and questions their morals and behaviors in their lifetimes. Although Ivan realizes how meaningless the pursuits of his life have been in his final moments before death while Willy dies still delusional and dwelling in…

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  • The Importance Of Crimes In The Community

    The United States has a high crime rate in which many victims are affected psychologically, mentally and emotionally. There are families that either lose a loved one or are simply traumatized by an event that scar them for the rest of their life. The criminal justice system in the U.S. is more concern on preventing crimes around the communities, but are they also trying to help the victims of these crimes? It is crucial to prevent crimes on the cities and towns, that way people will not be…

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  • Case Analysis: Screen Shot Of Mr. Khalid's Hotel

    Screen shot of Mr. Khalid’s reservation 1: Screen shot of Mr.Khalid’s reservation 2: Screenshot of the finance folder in One Drive : Screenshot of the adjusted prepayment of booking / refund/ additional charges: Room Type price Unit Total Price Reservation 1 Doubal 1200 5 6000 Reservation 2 Suite 2500 2 5000 Differances 1000 Appendix B: Date Services Charges (SR) Check ( X) if completed 1/7/2018 Room service for 808 200.00 X 2/782018 Spa for 809 500.00 X 3/7/2018…

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  • Analysis Of Michel Foucault's Concept Of Discipline

    In the year of 2011, a young college student by the name of Alexandra Wallace was brought into the cruel spotlight of society. Wallace was a student at the University of California, Los Angeles at the time. She posted a video on YouTube, complaining about how the Asians at UCLA did not know how to act properly in an American society. She was mostly irritated by the fact the Asians did not know how to act in a library and would speak too loudly on their phones. She is now known today as the…

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  • Salem Witch Trials Feminist Analysis

    When you look at the twenty-first century studies on the Salem Witch Trials, some other psychological and gender issues appear. Mary Beth Norton, an American historian, looks at these issues as a cause of the fits that the girls had. The girls may have had fits as a guilty response towards the participation in fortune telling. Norton also attributes the cause to the post-traumatic experiences that the Indian War caused on the population. Norton is unclear of the roots cause of the Salem Witch…

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  • Wrongful Death Research Paper

    It is never easy to deal with the loss of a family member. Emotions are high and everyone is sad. Although it is difficult to focus while grieving, sometimes it is what you must do. If you suspect that the death of your family member was due to someone else's neglect, you may have a wrongful death situation on your hands. While you may feel angry, it is important that you stay calm and get help. Wrongful Death: What Is It? A wrongful death is when someone dies due to the neglect of another…

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  • Taylor Swift Rhetorical Analysis

    One of the biggest celebrity feuds in 2016 is Kim Kardashian versus Taylor Swift: Snapchat Gate. Snapchat Gate gave a worldwide audience an answer to the infamous question- did Taylor Swift give Kanye West permission to use the two lines referencing her in his song “Famous”? The answer to the question is an inconclusive “sort of,” however the repercussions of these snapchat videos provide an interesting peek into the social culture of the United States and how social media is used as a new…

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  • Analysis Of Deborah Tannen's 'But What Do You Mean'

    how gender differences can lead to misunderstandings. In the writing, Tannen classifies different types of communication, especially in the workplace such as apologies, criticism and Thank You’s, adding in personal anecdotes to give further evidence, exemplifying her overall ideas and purpose. In the first category of miscommunication, apologies, Tannen uses a personal story of a conversation she had as a columnist with another woman in the field, “I lost your direct number, can I get it…

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