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  • Fear Appeals In Advertising

    Fear is a negative emotional response to threats in the environment (LaTour and Rotfield, 1997). Witte, K (1994) defined fear appeals as “persuasive messages that arouse fear by depicting a personally relevant and significant threat, followed by a description of feasible recommendations for deterring the threat” (Williams C, 2012). Fear appeals can be grouped into physical and social fear appeals, physical fear can be characterised by threats that may cause harm to the body and social fear appeals can be categorised by threats that relates to social acceptance (Schoenbachler and Whittler, 1996; Laroche et al., 2001) Cage, M (2013) According to LaTour and Zahra, “fear appeals have been used extensively in marketing” since the 1960s. Marketers…

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  • Motivational Sheep Research Paper

    Fear: The Motivational Sheep in a Wolf’s Clothing Fear is one of the six basic and universal emotions taught in classrooms today (Deckers, 2014). The standard physiological reactions to fear are well known and know no cultural restrictions. These include sweaty palms, increased heart rate, and dryness of mouth, among others. However, the definition and description of fear is no simpler than any other emotion and goes far beyond these physical responses. In fact, fear frequently manifests itself…

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  • Behemoth In A Bathrobe Analysis

    In Carla Seaquist’s Behemoth in a Bathrobe, historical events, opposing perspectives, and an interesting use of dialogue are used to persuade American citizens to be more mindful and motivated to get back a lost “can-do spirit.” The playwright originally published this article in February 2003 on Christian Science Monitor, just two years after the attack on September 11, 2001. Through this piece, she challenges Americans to stop avoiding the issues that need to be dealt with. The revised version…

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  • Article Review Of Michael Kazin's 'Trump And American Populism'

    they were unsafe and they used the fear to manipulate the people into doing what they wanted to be done. Donald Trump is similar in the way that he uses the fears of common Americans to manipulate them and convince them that he is right and that the opposing party is wrong. Another way that Ethos can be seen is when it talks about how American Populists have always tended to focus more attention on the domestic policy, but that the foreign policy is also a target. The article talks about how…

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  • The Distance Between Us Pathos Analysis

    recurring appeal to the reader’s pathos. Grande uses the rhetorical strategy to keep the reader’s interest and to help them make personal connections to the story. Grande’s use of pathos helps to show not only the importance of understanding the immigrant experience, but also the importance of following your dreams. For example, the first chapters of the memoir are predominately about Grande and her siblings’ experience living with their Abuelita Evila in Mexico. Numerous times throughout…

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  • Persuasions In Advertising

    a.m., I noticed most of the ads did not share a common theme, as if they were picked at random. Almost all of these ads also used vivid imagery, music, and other peripheral-route appeals; even the commercials that were meant…

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  • Baig V. Harvie: Case Study

    This essay about the case of Baig v Harvie [2015]. The case concerns an appeal from a man who was previously convicted under section 38 of the Criminal Justice and Licensing (Scotland) Act 2010 for abusive and threatening behaviour directed towards two parking attendants. The appellant’s appeal centres on the fact that his improper conduct was only verbal and that he had not been proven to have caused fear or alarm to the attendants. This essay will explain the terms of section 38, how…

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  • Autobiographical Political Argument Analysis

    Life experiences are a very good way to present an argument especially political arguments. It gives the speaker more credibility, appeals to the emotions of the audience, and makes his/her argument more logical. Using a life experience as evidence in a political argument is known as an “autobiographical political argument.” Doron Taussig analyzes the use of this type of argument in a series of blogs entitled We are the 99 percent and We are the 53 percent. From his readings it would seem that…

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  • Angelique Lavallee Case Study

    According to this theory, the law does not require a battered woman’s fear to be correct but only reasonable in Ms. Lavallee case, with the help of expert evidence to be acceptable and relevant. Therefore in this case, the law pursues their own understandings of the good in Ms. Lavallee. With this said, this theory plays on the concept that if an individual feels if their life is in danger, self-defence is accurate. In this case of Lavallee many reasons were questioned including both…

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  • Minnesota Vs Dickerson Case Summary

    the initial stages, the defendant moved to suppress the cocaine as evidence that the officer violated his right of unreasonable seizure and search, found under the fourth amendment. Nonetheless, using the plain view doctrine, the court ruled that the officer’s seizure of the cocaine did not violate the fourth amendment. However, the Minnesota court of appeals reversed the trial court ruling. In its judgment, the court affirmed that the investigative stop and eventual pat down were lawful, as…

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