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  • Patient With Appendicitis: A Case Study

    Nursing Care Preoperative care for a patient with appendicitis, the nurse would focus on relieving the pain and preventing infection. For relieving the pain, the nurse would monitor the pain level and note the location, extent and if there was any pattern to the pain. The nurse would assist the patient in finding a comfortable position such as “semi-fowlers and knees up” (Huether & McCrance, 2017). This would also include attempting to reduce any activity that induced pain such as “coughing or ambulation” (Huether & McCrance, 2017). They might also give the patient an ice pack to place on the abdomen to relieve some of the pain. The nurse might also administer any pain medications that can be given before the patient’s procedure however, it is important that no cathartics are administered at this time because it has the potential to rupture the appendix (Huether & McCrance, 2017). In order to prevent infection, the nurse might closely monitor the severity of the pain and if it becomes increasingly worse. The nurse would also give any antibiotics ordered before the procedure as well as prepare the…

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  • Appendicitis Essay

    Along with the different functions that follow while food is being digested into the body. Among the many things that the digestive system has to offer it also has it’s not so good perks like symptoms & disorders. I have chosen to research about how an infected appendix can affect anybody without a single warning. I will also discuss how it affected a very well-known solo artist and his ordeal behind his Appendicitis. The Digestive System is a long complex system that is made up of many…

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  • Of Mice And Men: A Short Story

    They took x-rays, tested my blood, and gave me morphine. Okay, after that I got pretty happy, but I know there was more. Doctor came in, said some things, I was distracted by his clipboard, but he talked about white blood cell count, abdominal pain, and then…appendix! He said I had appendicitis! No, he didn’t say I had appendicitis. He said I had most, but not all, of the symptoms of appendicitis, and then he said… “‘When in doubt, take it out.’ That’s what he said! Why did he operate on me…

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  • Scorching In The 21st Century

    Appendix Removal WARNING: PLEASE DO NOT ACTUALLY TRY AND REMOVE YOUR FRIEND 'S APPENDIX, THIS IS MORE OF A JOKE. I PROMISE YOU, I 'M PROBABLY FORGETTING SOME IMPORTANT THINGS. With that being said, let’s begin. All of a sudden, your friend being his/her non-stop complaining of lower abdominal pain, chills, fever, and a little (which means a lot) vomiting. After a few minutes of hearing them wail and moan, you decide to do something about it. After some searching on and…

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  • Ruptured Appendix Research Paper

    that my eyes were glossy and when he looked into them, he thought I was saying "daddy help me." That's when he said that they weren't going to wait another day. My dad called someone over to give me a blessing and the person he called over said that they should take me to Saint Luke's Hospital. Then my mom took me to the hospital. Ruptured appendix is really dangerous even life threatening ( If your appendix ruptured and its mild then you…

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  • Poverty Is Literally Making People Sick Because They Can T Afford Food

    At the beginning, he explains that poor people are more likely to have hypoglycemia at the end of each month because they are hungry. Hunger can lead to low blood sugar which in turn gives hypoglycemia. He uses percentages and statistics from research to support his arguments. He also shows that hypoglycemia is not the only disease that affects poor people. There is appendicitis too. Unlike hypoglycemia, the percentage of people with appendicitis is constant for the entire month. Therefore, only…

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  • Examples Of Obstacles In My Life

    years old, I use to think I was invincible. When I found out that I really was not, it affected me in my life. Growing up, I always played soccer and I always enjoyed doing exercises. I was addicted to do any kind of sports. I am a person that I like to eat healthy foods and do exercises. I never thought I would get sick of appendicitis. The scariest moment of my life occurred when I needed to go emergency surgery for appendicitis and peritonitis. The day started out like any other day, it was a…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Day In The Emergency Room

    After being seen into a room, the nurse was about to start me on an IV, and out of nowhere I began to sob. I did not want to deal with any more pain today. Through my gasping sobs, the nurse still stick the IV into my wrist. The normal tests were completed, and my blood was drawn. It was about an hour after all these tests were completed that I actually saw a doctor. The doctor did not think I was having an appendicitis but decided that I still needed a CT scan. The doctor walked me into a cold,…

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  • When No One Is On Call Essay

    every patient takes a backseat when the life-threatening trauma victim comes in. With not as many physicians or nurses available at times, this is seen as a lack of compassion or complete disregard for the patient’s situation. For instance, I had the unfortunate luck last Father’s Day of becoming a patient myself. After receiving thoughtful, thorough, one-on-one care from my primary care physician, I was told my lower abdominal pain was possibly appendicitis and had to be treated at the ED.…

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  • Patient Field Experience Essay

    Surgeons have the ability to quickly inspire a patient to trust them as they work together towards an immediate solution to an emergent problem, whether it’s appendicitis, cholecystitis, or hernia repair. This appeals to me because I can see the product of the surgery: my patient’s pain diminished, improvements in daily function, and a pleasant demeanor. My interest in offering culturally competent surgical care for the underprivileged began at an early age. I was 4 years old when I asked my…

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