Mice And Men

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It was April 4th, and as I looked into the blinding lights over my head, I anxiously waited for the anesthetics to take hold of me. The sooner I’m knocked out, the sooner I’ll wake up, and the sooner I can get out of here. I blinked and realized that the masked men above me had begun to spin in and out of eyesight, so I allowed the drugs to sweep me away as I tried to hold on to the vision of friends, and track meets, and the sweet sixteen soon to come. I vaguely wondered if my sisters had arrived at the hospital yet, and whether or not Mr. Zinnel would give me an extension on the Of Mice and Men worksheet due tomorrow. I woke up hoping against rationality that I was still in my bed at home; however, the bright lights penetrating my closed eyes and the stiff sheets under my hands told me otherwise. I slowly lifted my weighted eyelids and saw a hallway that stretched further than my eyes could focus, so I settled on the nurse working just a few feet away from me. Excuse me, but where is everyone? How did the surgery go? Can I go home yet? The narcotics were refusing to let me form the words, and as if all of that thinking was too much work to handle, I quickly slipped out of consciousness. When I was finally capable of rational speech and holding onto some degree of awareness, I patiently waited for my parents to seat themselves in my recovery room. My mom, seeing that I was awake, came closer. “Hey, honey. How do you feel?”
What? You mean apart from looking like crap and

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