Appendicitis Essay

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Along with the different functions that follow while food is being digested into the body. Among the many things that the digestive system has to offer it also has it’s not so good perks like symptoms & disorders. I have chosen to research about how an infected appendix can affect anybody without a single warning. I will also discuss how it affected a very well-known solo artist and his ordeal behind his Appendicitis.

The Digestive System is a long complex system that is made up of many separate functional organs that make up the body functions. It starts in the mouth where food is being chewed, the salivary glands in the cheek & tongue mix with enzymes breaking down food then which food starts to enter the long passage way into to the GI.
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The appendix is located in the lower right side of the abdominal in the shape of a small hallow worm-like tube the size of a small finger that is attached to the cecum, the beginning of the colon. Most people diagnosed with appendicitis are most often between ages 10-30 but anybody can get it most without any warning. Its function is unknown but some medical Doctors think it may be linked to the immune system in addition to the digestive but it is not a vital organ and when removed in an appendectomy is seems to do no harm to the body. The causes can be from many factors & in some cases unknown, many include blockage of the opening inside the appendix that is alloying germs to over flow & cause an infection, enlarged tissue in the wall of the appendix that is infected by the GI or elsewhere in the body, inflamed bowel disease due to parasites, stool, or growths of germs that clog or spill out into the abdominal cavity. The symptoms may not all appear at once but in many cases starts with tenderness and acute abdominal pain that starts near the navel (belly button) then travels to the right side of the lower abdominal, may have chills & shaking, a low fever, nausea & sometimes vomiting, constipation or diarrhea, an inability to pass gas, and the pain grows sharper & get quite severe in the matter of hours. In order to diagnoses appendicitis medical experts look at many symptoms to rule out other health problems this includes looking at your medical history and a physical exam. Doctors may also order an X-Ray, MRI, ultrasound or a computed tomography (CT) to determine if the appendix appears to be inflamed. If curtain precautions are not taken in a timely matter it can cause the appendix to burst or rupture. When it’s confirmed that it is appendicitis that is causing pain to one-self, surgeons perform a surgery with the help of general anesthesia to remove the infected

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