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  • Apple Store Ethnography

    I chose to go to Westfield for my field ship. I looked at five different stores and finally I chose three stores to talk about. They are Hollister, Urban Outfitters and Apple Store. I will be looking at them through different theories. I used sensory ethnography and visual method to understand and evaluate those store. Sensory ethnography is a re thinking of ethnography methods and process with attention to sensory perception and experience. It is suitable for social research and interventions that want to understand place in other people’s worlds by our own experience and that are similar to the places and the ways of knowing others, which means that it is informed by an understanding of the interconnected senses. In contrast to other forms…

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  • Apple Consumer Needs

    between consumer needs and wants, explain how and why Apple - unlike any other company - is able to transition its products from wants to needs. Apple has created a brand that has been substantiated through the creation of innovative devices that address the technological and life logistics of their customers. Due the unique features of these devices, apple has created revolutionary apparatuses that carry diversity in both function and operational capacities. While in large demand nationwide,…

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  • Apple In China Case Study

    (Yaprak, 2012). 3. Case study Case analysis #2: Apple in China Background Apple Inc. is an American multinational corporation, which designs, manufactures and sells personal computers, consumer electronics and software, and provides related services. The company has experienced a tremendous growth from 2001 when it has introduced its iPod mp3 player (Jurevicius, 2013). Apple Inc. is considered to be the most successful electronics company in the world. Internal environment analysis –…

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  • Corporations: Apple Inc.

    Corporations Apple Inc. “For the first 30 years, Apple was called the Apple Computer, Inc. On January 9, 2007; it removed the word “Computer” To Reflect Its Expanding Electronic Market. (Random History)” The quote means that before It didn’t have any significant meaning to it and it didn’t had many products at all back then, now it has expanded to many items like an IPhone , Mac , IPod etc. Apple Inc. Despite Apple 's methods and how the Apple Inc. manages. I 'm supposed to write an essay…

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  • Navi Urlife Marketing Plan

    all information of a business by one tap instead of searching on browse, which saves a lot of time. Later on, customers will be provided with digital membership card and pre-ordering service. Although there is only one entry point at first, the app will be launched on other platforms later. Since it is a mobile app, it does not require loads of instructions compared to a physical product. All required information of the app will be provided in the description box on Apple Store. In order to…

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  • Apple's Retail Store

    Today, Apple’s retail store can be found in almost all developed countries including America, Australia, Germany, Japan, China and many more. More than 30 stores are present in California itself. With the revolutionary Apple, it is unlikely that one that is connected to the modern world have never visited an Apple store before. I have visited Apple store numerous of times in San Francisco Union Square, in Palo Alto Stanford Mall, and in San Diego, UTC. I have chosen Apple simply because I love…

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  • Apple's Value Chain Analysis Essay

    hardware, its retail store all across the world. Whereas, some of the intangible resources include its brand name, unique design, cash In hand and a loyal customer database. Tim Cook Tim Cook has proved himself to be a good leader despite the criticism that no one can replace Steve Jobs. Tim Cook has exceptional operational skills. Apple in the fiscal year 2015 sold 300 million devices and…

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  • Political Factors Affecting Apple

    affect Apple. The company manages its business mainly on a geographic basis. Apple has determined its operating segments, which are typically based on the nature and location of its customers, to be the Americas (North and South), Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific (Australia and Asian countries) and Retail operations. Additionally, the Retail segment operates Apple retail stores in 11 countries (U.S Securities). Economically speaking, inflation, recession and currency are important economic factors…

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  • Apple Supply Chain Analysis

    Everything about Apple Inc is all the rage, for instance, the new Ipad, Iphone, Apple Map or even the ecological and work issues at its suppliers ' offices. Shockingly, IT look into firm Gartner positions Apple Supply Chain as the best production network on the planet for a long time in succession. In actuality, Apple Inc is the world pioneer in Innovation, Branding and Software Ecosystem. Be that as it may, is Apple 's Supply Chain truly the number 1? This contextual analysis will demonstrate…

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  • Apple Inc.: Influencing The Technology World

    Apple’s History One of the most innovative technology companies, Apple Incorporated was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne. The company success can be traced back to the legendary Steve Jobs, not only a co-founder but also the late Chairman and CEO of Apple Inc. (Finkle & Mallin, 2010). Apple Inc. created the Macintosh computer and laptop, iPod and iTunes, iPhone and most recently the Apple watch (Finkle & Mallin, 2010). I will discuss how Apple differs from other…

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