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  • Cultural Appropriation Summary

    The Ethics of Cultural Appropriation by James Young, is a detailed exposé of cultural appropriation through research and real life accounts all ranging from things like religion, to archaeological studies and everything in between. This book seemed fitting to my topic as it takes cultural appropriation one step farther, and discusses the ethics behind it from a number of different viewpoints. Each chapter in the book is a separate idea than the last, being discussed in detail, edited numerous times, and then finally added in the book. One of the more interesting chapters, titled “Genetic Research And Culture: Where does the offense lie?”, writes about the issue of using genetic material in research and how that may be considered cultural appropriation…

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  • The Boundaries Of Appreciation And Appropriation Analysis

    The Boundaries of Appreciation and Appropriation Have you ever had something that was yours taken? It is not a pleasurable feeling and its negative impact is increasingly more severe when something that has belonged to you and your culture has been seized. At some point in every African American child’s life they are immersed in hip-hop culture. I was practically raised off Run-D.M.C., Missy Elliott, and DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. When “Rock the House” by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh…

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  • The New Sun Conference Analysis

    The New Sun conference was interesting to me for a variety of reason, the most important of which was that it humanised issues that in my personal experience I have only heard in passing. It gave these issues of cultural appropriation and identity struggle a human face. It is so easy in this world to ignore harsh truths that do not directly affect your own experience, but this conference shone a light on those truths. Alethea Arnquq-Baril’s presentation her passion for storytelling through film…

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  • The Importance Of Hip-Hop Culture

    from dreads to cornrows to the language and even to the dances and it should not be misused. Reflecting on the meaning hip-hop holds for my family and how people can so easily take and misconstrue it made me curious to the extents of cultural appreciation and appropriation, and how they are displayed differently. When does a person stop appreciating the culture and begin to appropriate it and how is that defined? These questions and interest in cultural appropriation are more relevant than ever…

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  • Cultural Appropriation

    Appreciation or Appropriation? Have you ever stopped to think about Halloween costumes? Dressing up as a Latino or a Native American is considered normal in our society. However, these cultures aren’t meant to be costumes. They present a way for people to identify and express themselves while belonging to a community of people who share similar beliefs. This is cultural appropriation; the adoption or use of elements of a culture by a person of another cultural background. Although many…

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  • Water Appropriation

    The appropriation rights at the time had four essential elements namely: priority, the benefit of using water, diversion, and intent. Regarding this, the first individual to utilize the given quantity of water from its sources on operations that are deemed beneficial possessed the right of continued usage while others utilized the remaining portions. This fact rendered the doctrine of having the priority element. The person using the water could not make changes on the intention of water…

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  • The Cultural Appropriation

    is uplifted and shared. We constantly see white people wearing dreads, braids, dashikis, and other cultural pieces as a “trend”, the irony of this is black women and men who wear dreads, braids, and dashikis are labeled unprofessional, dirty and unkept. The cultural appropriation white people adopt African culture as their own. Cultural appropriation causes a lot of problems not for the person who appropriated the culture but the person who is being mocked. Cultural appropriation the act of…

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  • Cultural Appropriation Analysis

    The topic of appropriation remains a controversial, pressing issue as globalization continues to spread, simultaneously giving Western cultures newfound access to foreign customs. As aspects of Indian life spread worldwide, it becomes abundantly clear that appropriation can be both genuine and problematic, and elements of culture can be misused even within their own geographic boundaries. The songs Bhool Bhulaiyaa, from the film soundtrack of the same name, and George Harrison’s Om Hare Om both…

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  • Problem Of Cultural Appropriation

    A Synthesis of the Problem of Cultural Appropriation To this day, many Americans will consider racial slurs a form of disrespect toward people of their respective ethnicities. In contrast, one will often disregard the preceding proposition when it comes to general use of the culture of a specific ethnicity that he does not belong to. Furthermore, this proposition will receive a similar degree of neglect when it comes to the misuse of a culture in sports. Although many possibilities come to…

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  • Cultural Appropriation Of Yoga

    According to Nittle cultural appropriation “typically involves members of a dominant group exploiting the culture of less privileged groups-often with little understanding of the latter’s history, experience and traditions (Nittle 1). However, when the author interviews Susan Scafidi, Scafidi says that it’s difficult to form a definition for cultural appropriation, but she then proceeds to give a definition saying; “Taking intellectual property, traditional knowledge, cultural expressions, or…

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