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  • Ethical Analysis Of Food

    climate inside of their farms, and they can speed up the growing cycle due to the use of LED lights around the clock, they can produce a much higher yield per square foot compared to a traditional farm. This higher yield and the lack of transportation costs brings down the price of their produce. Besides bringing reasonably priced fresh produce to food deserts, these farms bring needed jobs to inner cities. Hydroponic farms like Aero Farms and Bright Farms are doing well by doing good. Aquaponics is a hybrid system that combines aquaculture and hydroponics to raise fish and grow plants in the same system. The plants receive nourishment from the nutrient rich water that is pumped through the hydroponic portion of the system and the water that is returned to the aquaponics portion of the system is filtered by the plants. A well balanced aquaponics system can produce large yields of both fish and plants in a small area. Some chefs that once had an herb garden in the backyard are now utilizing aquaponics to grow a wide variety of fish and plants for use in their kitchens. Another question that arises when discussing the use of biotechnology in our food supply is whether or not genetically modified organisms are safe for long term consumption. Are genetically modified foods unsafe Franken foods or science’s answer to food shortages. Some scientists think genetically modified organisms are a safe way to increase yields, lower costs, and feed more people with less acreage.…

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  • Caelum

    a filtration system and used in the aquaponics and hydroponics systems. Food Hydroponics and aquaponics systems will be used for food production. By growing the food on the space ship, the food will taste better, look more appetizing, be healthy, sanitary, and fresh. The food will also be cheaper to transport from Earth compared to airtight food packages, because the plants are still in the form of seeds. Seeds are a lot smaller and much lighter than actual food, allowing for more plants to be…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Aquaponics

    This video will summarize the main pros and cons of the Aquaponics 4 You system by John Fay The Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint - Main Pros And Cons Take a look at our full review of the Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint at and find out all the things you should know about this fitness program by Tony Gentilcore and Dean Somerset now! Frequently asked questions on The Complete Shoulder & Hip Blueprint: Question: Who are…

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  • Personal Reflection: My Growth As A Student

    challenges, therefore making it difficult for me to keep up my pace. Some challenges I faced throughout the entire semester are time management and public speaking. Even though I had obstacles, I also had successes such as passing test with an A and keeping up with my SRC points. Throughout the entire semester, not only did I grow as a student, but as well as a global citizen. My prosthetic hand has helped me grow as a student; my aquaponic helped me grow as a global citizen. I grew as a…

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  • Bet The Farm Essay

    nutrient solution” (What is Hydroponics, 2008) is added to the medium for quick root absorption. Even when using the richest organic soil, the roots still have to seek out the nutrients. As a result, the energy is better spent in vegetation growth. Its main benefits are highly packed crop density and a reduced time to maturity. There are a few different systems that fit into the definition of hydroponics. Modern hydroponics utilizes several systems. The most prominent technique used…

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  • Case Study: Loyola University Chicago

    helping to restore the environment. Thus, this fits in with Loyola’s engaged learning outcomes for I gained a deeper understanding of the processes associated with this type of work, and how it fits into a greater scheme for the future of sustainability and mankind. With regards to Urban Ag, I worked outside in Winthrop garden, and in the IES greenhouse. For LUREC I worked the grounds and garden at Loyola’s retreat house in Woodstock, IL. And finally, for the Talking Farm I worked at their…

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  • Benefits Of Gardening In Colleges

    are seen in between those trips. An easy way to give back to the community and help the hungry. According to the Phoenix Rescue Mission, 82,000 Arizonians receive emergency food boxes. The addition of gardens at schools gives students a way of giving to those in need. Fresh produce from the garden reduces the amount of money the school is required to uses on food. The garden curriculum benefits the students and society. In other words asking the community for donations for instance pots, soil,…

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  • Taking A Look At Vertical Farming

    The human population has grown at a steady incline and the continued destruction of natural areas and habitat to make room, has caused scientist has come up with a way to produce food faster while using less space. Vertical farming is the practice of growing organic food in vertically stacked layers using artificial light and without soil. Vertical farms are buildings with controlled environmental conditions that allow crops to be grown all year round by using hydroponics, aeroponics, and…

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  • PEST Analysis: The Pest Analysis Of Organic Food

    Organic farmers have seen an increase in their yield of crops with the use of Aquaponics. Below is the life cycle of an aquaponic System, using fish to eliminate the need for artificial fertilizers. [14]. Referencing 1. – Accessed on 13/11/2014 2. – Accessed on 13/11/2014 3. - Accessed on 30/10/2014 4.…

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  • My Love For Agricultural Education

    it is pretty hard to add curriculum while still meeting all the required state standards. As I was taught in my teacher education classes at UNL, your program must fit the needs of the students, community, and school in order for it to be successful. So in order for my school and students to be successful, I will need to go back to school in order for myself to learn how I can adapt a constantly changing curriculum to a constantly changing urban world. One of my last 5-year goals is actually…

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