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  • The Importance Of Domestic Violence In The Arab American Immigrant Family

    Dervartanian Kulwicki and Miller (1999) sought to investigate beliefs and actions about domestic violence in Arab American immigrant families with the purpose of providing education and intervention. The results revealed that moderate percentages of women approved of husband perpetrated violence and control against their wives under certain circumstances (Dervartanian Kulwicki and Miller 1999). The majority of women agreed or strongly agreed that men could tell their wives if they were allowed to work outside of the house or not, and if they were allowed to go out with friends or not. The vast majority of men agreed or strongly agreed they had this right. Even though the majority of women disagreed and strongly disagreed that men could have sex with…

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  • Arab Culture Vs American Culture Essay

    society to understand that there is different ways to share way of life, lifestyle, background, and heritage. Arab culture within a close friend of mine followed many of the primary components of culture, as any other one, but the difference is the ways to follow them. The Arab and Hispanic culture are similar and different by their approach to the cultural components. Welcome to a sneak peak of the Arabian and Hispanic culture. I will introduce similarities and differences between my…

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  • Discrimination In Arab-American Culture

    be seen in the media’s portrayal of the Arab region, which is often reduced to the role of non-A. Within that, many varying ethnicities and religions are vastly simplified or even erased, such as the many Jews and Christians who live in the region. Because of the media’s continued use of negative characterization of all Arab…

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  • Arab American National Museum: Museum Analysis

    In week five, in the class of Introduction to Humanities there was information that was presented to us by The Creative Impulse about the art forms of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. I knew for our class discussion that there needed to be a picture of Islamic art, so that we could discuss the art of that period. Consequently, I went to the Arab American National Museum for some examples of Islamic art that I could photograph. The museum is only open Wednesday thru Saturday and is closed for…

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  • Arab American History Essay

    Arab American History Arab Americans encompass people from 22 nations of North Africa and the Middle East. Southeastern Michigan accounts for one of the largest concentrations of Arabs outside the Middle East. It can be difficult to trace when some Arab Americans actually arrived in the US due to inaccuracy of census records as they do not have a classification for Arab heritage and people identify themselves differently (100 Questions and Answers About Arab Americans). Zammouri is known…

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  • Arab-American Women: A Case Study

    stigma is experienced on the grounds of racial or ethnic background, religious beliefs, or a disease with low social acceptability, it can result in lower accessed healthcare and as such the affected populations can experience a decreased quality of life. Although our intervention targets Arab women to fit within the constructs that exists already for the WISEWOMAN program and how it is disseminated, we recognize that stigma is not something experienced exclusively by either this population or…

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  • Arab American Discrimination In The Workplace Essay

    11th attacks were a devastating experience for all Americans. Particularly, Arab American were affected by the attack tremendously due to the hate crimes that resulted. After, they become the focal point of discrimination in the years following due to the actions of a select few. Moreover, these affects can still be seen today in the U.S. as Arab Americans still attempt to overcome unfair discrimination and attempt to retain their ability to be successful in the United States. Employers must…

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  • Examples Of Discrimination Against Arab-Americans

    Discrimination can be found everywhere and anywhere we look. Different generations have seen discrimination towards different groups. Starting with Native Americans, then continuing to African-Americans, Japanese-Americans, Jewish-Americans, and as of most recently Arab-Americans. These ethnicities have one similarity; they are all humans with similar biological properties. There was a big increase in the screening of Arabs after the attacks on the twin towers in New York on September 11, 2001.…

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  • Multicultural Awareness Research Paper

    these groups of people. I decided to immerse myself with the middle eastern culture, specifically people of Arabic descent. When I think about the Arabic group of people the stereotypes I think of are muslim culture and they all wear Hijabs; or they all are terrorist or villains. I think that typically Americans think all arabs practice muslim culture when most of them actually practice christianity.…

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  • Masquerades Film Analysis

    The movie “Masquerades” gives a different, more comical perspective to the notion of Arab love and marriage. The main character of the movie, Mounir, struggles to find a suitable husband for his sister who suffers from Narcolepsy. Mounir gets himself and his family into a jam when the town begins to think Rym, his sister, has found a fiance in a rich,famous foreign man. The story follows Mounir and his family as they struggle to keep the secret of the fake suitor and the movie ends with Rym…

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