Arab Culture Vs American Culture Essay

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Diversity that empowers the ability of the community to succeed and prosper is, culture. Variety of cultures around the world allows society to understand that there is different ways to share way of life, lifestyle, background, and heritage. Arab culture within a close friend of mine followed many of the primary components of culture, as any other one, but the difference is the ways to follow them. The Arab and Hispanic culture are similar and different by their approach to the cultural components.
Welcome to a sneak peak of the Arabian and Hispanic culture. I will introduce similarities and differences between my culture, my friend's, and the American culture. The description and explanations of these cultures consists of first perspectives
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As the Hispanic culture, Madeline's family toss rice towards the recently married couple. Rice tossing is symbolic for peace and prosperity for the couple, and the American culture does not practice this. Madeline's family also throws rice on the recently bought car, for safety to yourself and your car. During holidays, the American culture has their holidays and their dates, and so does the Arabian culture. Madeline stated that their culture has the same holidays as Americans, but they celebrate them on different days. An example that she presented was Easter, she was unsure on an exact date, but she stated that they would not celebrate it on the same date as Americans. The Arabian culture also celebrates, Thanks giving, but they celebrate it quite unique. The American culture would mainly cook turkey and have gravy on the dinner table, but Madeline's family make "stuffed grape leaves" and this dish would not only be seen on Thanksgiving, but also on other special events. Stuffed grape leaves contains meat, rice, and spices and you would mix the ingredients together and lastly you will roll it into the grape leaf and cook it. On special events such as weddings, the Arabian culture dances, and the dance is called "Dabke" in which they hold hands, stand in a line, and

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