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  • Journal Of A Slave Ship Voyage Analysis

    The Atlantic Ocean allowed the discovery of continents possible and it is the main reason why we have diversity in the world. The food we eat, the language we learn to speak, the clothes we buy, and the education we obtain, come from all parts of the world. How and who allowed trade and communication among other continents happen? History back in 1492, Christopher Columbus and the Portuguese set sail across the Atlantic ocean. The expedition resulted in the discovery of the New World and Africa.…

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  • Etihad Airways Case Study

    in the history of commercial aviation. The airline was founded in July 2003 by the Royal (Amiri) decree and started its operations on November 2003. They are known to be the national airlines of United Arab Emirates with their head offices being located in Abu Dhabi which is the capital of United Arab Emirates. The term Etihad refers to ‘union’ in Arabic making it very meaningful to unite passengers from all over the country. The main business of Etihad airways is the air transportation of…

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  • Essay On Atlantic Slave Trade

    demanded in the European markets to the extent that it was called the white gold3. The luxury status of the sugar in teas and coffee as well as tobacco and cotton in Europe lead to the development of the plantations in the tropical atmosphere of American…

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  • United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Analysis

    will be firstly in the mainstreaming process through advocacy and creating awareness starting with holding workshops and lecture series on university campuses. This will require building relationships and networking with universities such as the American University of Iraq, University of Tehran in Iran and the King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals in Saudi…

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  • Why Did Al Qaeda Attack The Twin Towers

    Why did the Al Qaeda attack the Twin Towers? After the 9/11 attack a lot changed in the world security system. Since that day we have seen a dramatic increase of supervision at airports. It is no longer like the good old days when you could have friends and family greeting you a happy vacation at the gates, or welcome you back after a time out of the country. This is a thing you often can see in movies. Especially in love movies when a couple brake up, one is going to catch an airplane, the…

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  • Christopher Columbus Ideology

    The year 1492 marked the demolition of an unparalleled coexistence between the Jews, Muslims and Christians. The enforced conversation based on religious ideology led to the manifestation of a nascent racial ideology. It also marks the year which some might refer to as the New World where Columbus through his inquisition discovered America. Columbus first voyage was treated differently by many. Some people believe it to be the beginning of the new world where democracy, civilisation and…

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  • Military Strategy Analysis

    Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, and United Arab Emirates increase their self-defense capabilities and secure the region. Fourth, the NMS stated that the United States military will assist in strengthening institutions across the African region to promote stability, peacekeeping capacity, and defense against transregional extremists. Finally, the NMS states that the United States military will support interagency collaboration with Latin American and Caribbean states to counter…

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  • Empowerment Of Women In The Middle East Essay

    In life there is one thing that remains constant and that is change. This commonly used phrase is a way to describe the evolution of women all over the world. For years women have been responsible for bearing children, taking care of their households, and their husbands. Women in certain regions have overcome these circumstances, which has caused many to pursue a career or even a higher education. Unfortunately, women in the Middle East did not fully overcome of being secluded to one particular…

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  • What Is The Relationship Between USAd Saudi Arabia

    and Saudi Arabia has lasted for 70 years forging a great friendship and alliance. The United States, began its relationship with the Arabs through the oil industry and then via government contracts, this then established a relationship with Saudi Arabia 's founder, King Abdulaziz. “U.S. businesses have been involved in Saudi Arabia 's oil industry since 1933” (CFR,2). Due to America establishing…

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  • Case Analysis Of Emirates Airlines

    Emirates was started in 1985 with two aircrafts leased from Pakistan International Airport and start-up capital of $10 million. Two years later, the aircraft that the company first bought was delivered to Dubai. The company continued on a growth trajectory even in 1990 when the political situation in the region deteriorated with the Iraqi and Kuwait conflict. Over the second decade, the airline expanded its network throughout the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa. As the 21st century was…

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