Case Study Of Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia plays a significant role as one of the biggest oil exporter. The country is located in the Middle East. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the biggest and most populated nation on the Arabian Peninsula with a population of over 29.1 million people, is where two of the holy Muslim cities: Mecca and Medina, are located where Islam emerged. Those two cities attract more than 5 million visitors every year. According to Saudi Arabia set for growth in 'cinema at home ', (2011, Apr 14), “Saudi Arabia has the Arab World’s largest population, estimated at just over 25 million people. It is also has one of the Arab World’s highest internet penetration rates, being ranked at number 33 in the top 50 most IT friendly countries by the
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The survey also found that 46.67% willing to watch family movies, 33.33% comedian movies, 13.33% action and adventure movies and 6.67% documentaries movies. In addition, 73.33% of the respondents with select days for families and 20.00% do not care if the movie theater will be mixed. It ought to be noticed that the survey found that 52.94% of Saudis consent to the opening of movie halls in all the Saudi urban areas and 29.41% consent to open it just on the capital urban cities.

Significance of the Research:
The research study will provide a quick summary about cinema history in Saudi Arabia. Further, this study will also review the Saudis movies currently screening in international theaters rather than public local Saudi theaters. This study will be beneficial to the movie producers in Saudi Arabia as this study draws a big picture about the future of the movie-industry in Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, this study will be beneficial to the media providers and the audience as this study will provide the necessary information from the different perspectives in Saudi Arabia. This would expectedly heighten the awareness of the providers and the audience whom wants to make a difference in the future of the film industry. Moreover, this study will guide the Investors to the safest ways to establish public movie theaters respect the Islamic
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Those recommendations would work for the Liberal Advocates,: Should traditional advocates work together to enhance and educate the community about the role of media in improve the communities.
This recommendation would work for the policy makers: Enhance the policies about how Cinema industry can benefit Saudi 's society in many different sides such as economically and socially:
A stronger support should be given to film industry and initiatives to invest in movie theaters as a accepted of recognizing the role of cinema in the community and within the Saudi 's movement.
Saudi Arabian Government should allow to cinema to reopen since it will Provided a great opportunities for youth to work.
Opening up new opportunities for the private sector and public sector to invest in move

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