Arab slave trade

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  • The Arab Slave Trade

    The Arab slave traders relied on the Indian Ocean monsoon winds during the slave trade. Indian Ocean was regarded as an important route since it connected East Africa to the outside world, including India Peninsula. The Arabs, precisely from the Gulf of Persia, used the Indian Ocean route since it linked the East African region to the potential clients of the Arab Merchants. They mostly resided on some parts of North Africa, including Egypt, Morocco, and among others. Again, the Indian Ocean shore connected with the Red Sea that was a pivotal route for delivering slaves to North Africa who were in demand during the 18th Century. The slave trade was the main active activity of the Arabs at around 7th Century after the arrival of the Portuguese…

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  • Dick Gregory's Slavery Summary

    and show that the negativity is directly linked to slavery. Color Complexity gives insight on how people with white skin are better than people with darker skin. It emphasizes how much positivity is directed to people with lighter skin and the rewards they reap, which can range from higher wages, getting better jobs to having more confidence and having a greater sense of purpose. Lighter skinned people, are deemed “better” than their darker skinned peers, which corroborates the idea that the…

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  • Analysis Of Ghosts Of Slavery By Jenny Sharpe

    Specifically, Sharpe quotes McDowell to define slave women’s agency as “what they did with what was done to them” (xiv). Sharpe compares De Certeau’s description of tactics to guerrilla warfare, and connects it to Linda Brent’s manipulation of her own sexuality, as she “operat[es] from a position of weakness [...] to [her] own advantage” (xxiii). By exposing how those in a position of weakness can undermine those from a position of power, Sharpe raises the possibility of “action without negating…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Journey To Go Natural

    “Eurocentric beauty standard of straight, long, and flowing hair has a sociocultural effect on both black women’s notion of physical attractiveness, but also no courtship, self-esteem , and identity (Thompson 2). In making this comment, Thompson argues that though black women seem to have moved away from the Eurocentric beauty standard, these binaries prove it still lives within many women. Ultimately what is really at stake here is the self-esteem of women, if they continue to follow the…

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  • Comparing The Souls Of Black Folk By W. E. B. Du Bois

    civilization as beginning nearly 5,000 years prior to the first slaves landing in North America. Perhaps the greatest injustice ever conferred onto the African diaspora in America was the large-scale insistence on minimizing the vast and bountiful history from which they originated. W.E.B Du Bois, in writing The Souls of Black Folk draws a powerful comparison between this categorical miseducation that was necessary to perpetuate slavery in America, and the further miseducation that was necessary…

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  • Frederick Douglass Speech On Justice

    Frederick Douglass, in his speech entitled What to the Slave is the 4th of July, uses rhetoric in a way that closely mirrors how Socrates would feel in respects to the True, the Good, and the Beautiful. He believes that justice is an important step to being equal, that the State is being inconsistent with its application of justice compared to what it actually believes, and that those who still participate in the American slave-trade are doing something completely unjust and not being punished…

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  • Racial Identity And Identity In The Slave Mother As A Bystander

    In 19th century America, citizens did not really know who they were. Those who were privileged knew they were white Americans and those were not blessed with privilege were black slaves. America was constantly building itself and shaping, or re-shaping, its identity. As a whole, whether one was white or black during this time period, no one really seemed to know who they really were. Morality, sexual identity, racial identity, culture, and etc. were all questioned during this time. In “The Slave…

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  • Uncle Tom's Cabin

    blackface and portraying the life of a black slave. As the story unfolds, Uncle Tom and another slave are up to be sold by their slave master. (IMDb film search) Uncle Tom faces a multitude of hardships with different traders, and is later killed because he refused to sell out or inform of his friend’s escape route. Needless to say, this genre would only be the beginning…

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  • What Is The Theme Of Incidents In The Life Of A Slave Girl By Harriet Jacobs

    Be that as it may, there were women slaves and Harriet Jacobs does a great job depicting the brutality and struggles that black women endured during slavery in her narrative “Incidents in the Life of a slave Girl.” In the narrative she writes about several instances in her childhood where double consciousness is used . The first example I came across was the fact that she did not know she was a slave until she was six years old. Once her father died, she was made to weave together flowers with…

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  • The Other Middle Passage Analysis

    Passage as a discussion about the slave trade in the Indian Ocean. The main purpose of the essay is to shed light on what all was involved with the slave trade from East Africa. Alpers does an excellent job of comparing the way slaves were treated during this voyage and how they were treated when they reached their destinations. Both voyages, West to the Americas and East through the Indian Ocean, were just one part of the traumatic journey for these African Slaves. The Other Middle Passage…

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