Sub-Saharan Africa

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  • Sub-Saharan Africa

    Along with the Greek, other languages developed words to describe black people and their homelands. Another modern country, Sudan, derives its name from “Bilād as-Sūdan” which means “land of the blacks” and in medieval times referred to the whole of sub-Saharan Africa. As Africans moved to Europe, specifically the Iberian peninsula, the concept of the “moor” was adopted, a word that persisted and made its way into the subtitle of a Shakespeare tragedy. In Cairo, black and white soldiers were garrisoned separately, leading to the “Battle of the Blacks”…

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  • Essay On Sub Saharan Africa

    Discovering Sub-Saharan Africa Sub- Saharan Africa is located south of North Africa and in the middle of the south Atlantic and Indian Ocean. Being such a large continent, it was picked to pieces territorially by early colonization’s from large countries in Europe. With colonization completely withdrawing from the continent, it lays divided and has many challenges to overcome becoming a functioning continent. Few countries in that continent have normalized the transition from a colony into a…

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  • Violence In Sub-Saharan Africa

    In general, violence in Africa has contributed to the spread of HIV in two main ways. The migration of people influences the spread of HIV and during times of war and conflict there are many more people moving around to fight or flee the fighting. In both situations, the likelihood of spreading HIV is increased. Those fighting, such as soldiers, have a heightened risk of getting infected due to the nature of their job and the spread of bodily fluids they might come into contact with through…

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  • Sub Saharan Africa

    African leadership today is poverty and youth unemployment which is due partially to the region’s rapid people growth. It has been said that between now and 2050 Sub-Saharan African countries will be overwhelmed with a swift and rapid population increase as well as a huge population of youths in the world. It is therefore very much essential that administrations in Sub-Saharan African countries factor the mass increase coming from the next generation into vital sections of developmental…

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  • The Tragedy Of Sub-Saharan Africa Analysis

    J.R. Early’s “The Tragedy of sub-Saharan Africa” lays context for a discussion about how outside contact, primarily European, adversely affected Africa after 1500. Early argues that this perceived lack of agency and African subordination to European forces is the “tragedy of sub-Saharan Africa’s history”. However, the real tragedy here is the ignorant omission of centuries of rich culture and history while patting ourselves on the back for recognizing the “tragedy” that befell the…

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  • Economic Growth In Sub-Saharan Africa

    Despite The Economist labeling Africa as “the hopeless continent” (McLure, 2012) as late as the year 2000, the sub-Saharan region of Africa continue to prove these words wrong, growing economically as a leading exporter of oil and natural gas. Technological advances, democratic governments, new economic policies and the support by the global community poise Africa to become a leading economy within the next decade (McLure, 2012). This economic growth poses some great problems, as to avoiding the…

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  • Thesis: Foreign Aid To Sub-Saharan Africa

    Thesis: Foreign aid to Sub- Saharan Africa is/ has been detrimental for its development. Much of Africa has not realized any meaningful development for the last decades in spite of many countries in that region of the global getting substantial foreign aid for their development projects over time. The authors of this article argue that foreign aid to Africa has in fact been detrimental to many countries in their efforts to gain good governance and build strong state institutions. It is…

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  • The Influence Of AIDS On Society In Sub-Saharan Africa

    Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome, also known as AIDS, has considerably influenced society in Sub-Saharan Africa. The prevalence (the number of people living with AIDS) and the incidence (number of new cases) measurements of the epidemic have slowing been decreasing. In 2002, 5.3 million people, including 189,000 infants were reported having HIV or AIDS (UNICEF, 2016). Statistics have shown that since then the circumstances have changed because as of 2013, only 24.7 million people are living…

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  • The Role Of Colonialism In Sub-Saharan Africa

    Sub-Saharan African countries suffered from different kinds of problems: poor health care systems, corrupt governments, low life expectancies, and poverty (Stein, 2015). Lenin blamed colonialism for exploiting Africa and concluded that this exploitation caused Africans to live in a low economic status (Stein, 2015). The word “exploit” should be clearly defined here. Lenin defined this “exploitation” in Africa as “monopoly capitalists securing new political entities which ensured cheap raw…

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  • EHR In Sub-Saharan Africa Case Study

    RESULTS Barriers to adoption of the EHR in sub-Saharan Africa The main issues that emerged from the studies reviewed are grouped under four major themes. High Implementation and Maintenance Costs: The cost of EHR implementation is one of the most frequently identified factors that limit EHR adoption. Studies have shown that low adoption of EHR in sub-Saharan Africa, a resource-limited region, can be linked to high costs of implementation and maintenance due to hardware, software, training, and…

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