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  • A Submarine Research Paper

    Submarine is a special type of watercraft, that is able to sink in the water or float on the water. This watercraft was invented by dutchman in the service of James l of England in 1620.. His name was called Cornelius Jacobszoon Drebbel. Many people have redesigned different types of submarines after Cornelius Jacobszoon Drebbel, they are David Bushnell,Robert Fulton and Simon Lake.People first use submarine as weapon during the 17th century, which is during the American revolution and brought a victory to America. A submarine is powerful weapon for the navy in any country. Submarine consists of many parts.The main parts to make submarine work (move, float and sink) are ballast tank, planes and engines First,ballast tank is a huge tank have…

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  • • What Makes A Submarine So Interesting?

    What makes a submarine so interesting?Submarines were invented in 1775. In the passage Dave Bushnell created a submarine to fighgt British forces. Bushnell tested the submarine for a while and got a hang of it. Bushnell got sick and wasnt able to ride the submarine and they used it to complete several missions. Many missions were completed by submarine and the first mission was a fail. The mission was not completed but the message got threw to their enimies and they succeeded with…

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  • Analysis Of Joint Force 2025

    Joint Force 2025 requires general capabilities in a global surveillance and strike (GSS) network, naval ships and air investments and ensuring cyber technology outpaces adversaries. These capabilities are needed based on the current strategic direction and global security environment. Satellites and cyber technology will be part of the design of the system. The U.S. military will be able to strike quickly and remain engaged for increased periods while additional forces move to the area of…

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  • American Turtle Advantages And Disadvantages

    Davids American Turtle is about submarine wafare it is primarly about the Americna Turtle.Which was introduced into The Revolutionary War.The Advantages it had were to infiltrate into enemy territory ,mostly undetected it was a one man seater and can hold up to 30 minutes of oxygen and was fitted with a drill hole to drill the inside of the wood from the ships.Some of the disadvantges were that it was slow and heavy and was rearly used during the Revolutionary war.This was one of the first…

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  • Creative Writing: The Island Of Iwo Jima

    “Attention!” Ordered Sergeant Matt, we have just detected an enemy submarine making it’s way towards our ship.” Sergeant Matt screamed, “Everybody get to your battle stations and be ready to launch torpedos on my command!” Steven and Jake rushed to their battle stations with the fear of the ship being hit by a torpedo in both of their minds. When they got to their battle stations they checked their scanners to see if they could see the sub. And they saw it. Not just one, not two, there were 5…

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  • Positive Effects Of Nuclear Technology

    nuclear-powered submarine and aircraft carrier fleet for the United States Navy. By utilizing nuclear reactors to power the ships’ and submarines’ propulsion systems, these vessels can travel anywhere and everywhere without refueling for decades, and the USS Nautilus confirmed this through one of its many successful missions; the submarine traveled underneath the arctic ice to the geographical north pole, showing that these nuclear vessels can reach out and touch anything and everything. Nuclear…

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  • Business Case Study: Electric Boat

    developing and building the Navy’s first submarines. Electric Boat was established and founded by John Hopkins in 1899. With an average workforce 13,000, the main operations are in Groton, CT and Quonset Point Rhode Island. It first started building diesel submarines in early 1900’s and in 1951 built the world famous “USS Nautilus” which was the first nuclear powered submarine to sail across the north pole, this enable the submarine to operate for unlimited distances without having to refuel.…

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  • Seapower Definition

    Built around an aircraft carrier and its air wing, the CSG also includes 2-5 other ships. Usually at least two are destroyers or cruisers, which provide air and ballistic missile defense for the CSG, conduct long-range strike using cruise missiles, and perform anti-submarine warfare. A fleet supply ship provides logistical support. In addition, CSGs often include an attack submarine designed to destroy hostile surface ships or enemy submarines. The attack submarine frequently operates…

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  • Battle Of Atlantic Essay

    volunteered to enlist into the Navy as they felt the need to do something for their country and to protect and fight for what they believe is right. Posters and advertisements were made, this helped persuade some of the unsure persons, but the massive influx of sailors was voluntary. With the newly constructed vessels entering the role as support ships for the convoys, Canada began to successfully stop German U-boats from sinking supply ships. Both sides were in a constant battle for the upper…

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  • Robert Ballard's Discovery Of The Titanic

    legendary ship. Anything and everything that could be taken from china dishes all the way to bank notes was taken. Everything from the Titanic would be valuable. A cracker from a survival kit was sold at auction for twenty-three thousand while the last first class lunch menu was sold for eighty-eight thousand dollars. Ballard was not pleased with the outcome knowing that this was not only a historical figure, but a sacred gravesite. Many others believed that over time the ship would…

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