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  • Group Observation

    Group Observation and Reaction Paper: Kids Incorporated In-Service Meeting In this essay I will give my reactions to a group meeting that I attended using the Group Work Theory. I will focus on the small sub group that was formed that I observed. For that I will review the strengths of the leader of the meeting, skills that were used in the group setting, and what stage I felt the group was in. I will also cover cultural and ethical issues that occurred in the meeting. Finally, I will review the meeting and the outcomes to see if there was anything that I felt that should have been done differently and my opinion of the process. Basics of the Meeting The meeting that I attended was an In-Service meeting for teachers and staff of the Kids Incorporated of the Big Bend, on October 28, 2016. This is a not-for-profit organization that provides Early Head Start service to families below the poverty line ages zero to three. It lasted from 11 am till 330 pm. It was held in the Human Services building in Tallahassee Florida. The setting for this meeting was spacious and adequate for the purpose. The room had multiple tables set up with six chairs around each table, so that the occupants could face each other. This was a strategic placement and number of people for the group work. This is because “some experts say that a group with between five and nine members is the most effective” (Quick, 1992, p.75). In the center of the front of the room, there was also a table with…

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  • Lemonade Day Reflection

    The lemonade day project was a great way to get students a feel how difficult running a business is. In the real world there are competition between businesses everywhere. A lot of people complained about having 20 lemonade stands in one place, but it represents a realistic idea of businesses. A mall has more than 20 stores competing for costumers. Each store advertisement tries to convince their store is better than another store. They also have promotion to convince consumers their store has…

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  • Kaiser Permanente, Psychiatry Department: Case Study

    Free floating was not observed and limited participation was observed from the new members. Two subgroups were noted. Two men towards the back of the room appeared to have side conversations throughout the session. A clique of three Hispanic women also maintained exchanges during the group. The group workers did not attempt to disintegrate or encouraged either of the subgroups to rejoin the larger group. Cohesion was mostly apparent when the larger group was broken into smaller process groups of…

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  • Mexican Ethnic Identity

    Introduction For the purposes of this paper, I have chosen to focus on the social identities of white privilege and my Mexican ethnicity in discussing how both have impacted the construction of my social identity. Patton, Evans, Forney, Guido & Quaye (2016) mention in their text “Student development in college: Theory, research, and practice” Ferman and Gallego’s model of Latina/o Ethnoracial identity, which I will use to discuss how my Mexican ethnicity and being white has shaped my social…

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  • The Importance Of Group Norms In Task Group Meetings

    This structure was established with the leaders setting the date and time for the groups meeting. Other members were given three different options of these dates and times and the date and time that got the most availability was chosen. We met with our subgroups first to develop an agenda for our day and then we met with the task group. Our first meeting with the task group was to establish a timeline of when we will meet with our subgroup and when we will meet with the task group. We had one…

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  • Heterogeneity In Cities

    venues because of their reputation, but the DIY culture of this punk rock subgroup promoted the creation of their own venues. These venues, like the Masque (MacLeod, 31), and connecting institutions, like the Canterbury Apartments, clustered together to form a strong…

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  • Individual Individuals In Paradise Lost, By John Milton

    The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a subgroup as “a subset of a group that is itself a group.” Every single human belongs to a subgroup in some way, based on job, gender, ethnicity, or other defining characteristics. These individuals also belong to the greater group of society as a whole. While there is value of the individual to both parties, an individual’s role is greater to a subgroup. The individual human has a duty to fulfill in a subgroup, which in turn helps various subgroups work…

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  • Intervention Group Case Study

    control group at 273 days is about 0.62. The absolute rate reduction is the cumulative incidence in the control group minus the cumulative incidence in the intervention group : 0.38-0.23= -0.15 2a. According to the data, compare with ‘smoker’ and ‘high cholesterol’, ‘overweight (body mass index >25)’ is the most likely to be a confounder. The reason is this variable has a large unequally distributed between two treatment groups (intervention group is 48% and control group is 56%), which…

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  • Group Process Reflection

    In every group, structured or not, the group process has many effects on the overall group. This paper will look at the group processes of our cohort, the interactions between subgroups, and the way that it has affected the overall distance learning cohort. It will look at themes which have played out during our most recent trip to campus, namely subgroups formed, as well as the difference in anxiety levels between the foundation and concentration groups and the behaviors that were…

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  • Social Group Case Study

    1. In describing social behavior, a “context” is a group activity. What were some of the “contexts” in which the Vice Lords were engaged? A “context” in a group is described as a group activity that they do together. The Vice Lords were engaged in some of the “contexts” such as meeting held by the City Lord. Also, they had “pulling jive” that was drinking alcohol and it was mostly wine. “Shooting craps” was also an activity that they had and it was street life cuts across other inclusive…

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