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  • Deforestation In South America Essay

    According to the United Nations ' Food and Agriculture Organization, an estimated 16 million acres of forest are being lost each year globally to deforestation (FAO 5). Contributing factors include agricultural expansion, logging, development, and other human activities. In order to put this into perspective, the World Wildlife Fund describes this as an equivalent to forty-eight football fields of forest being lost every minute (WWF 1). This is alarming, because even though for many of us, major forest systems seem as though they are distant world away from our everyday lives, they are actually critically essential to our very survival. Forest plays many roles such as keeping massive amounts of carbon in the ground and out of our atmosphere, naturally replenishing ground water, protecting soil from erosion, and providing millions of goods used across the globe. For millions of people, their livelihoods rely both directly and indirectly on our foremost major forest systems, but it’s not just people who rely on these forests. These ecosystems also provide natural habitats to millions of different species of animals, insects, and plant life. Yet despite the importance of the world’s forests, they are continually under the threat of destruction of deforestation, solely for the sake of a turn for quick profit. While this is seen across the globe, of greatest concerns are the continents of Sub-Saharan Africa, Southeast Asia, and South America due to their highest rates of…

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  • Hominin Expansion

    Hominin expansion throughout most of Africa occurred with Australopithecines, Paranthropus, and early Homo habilis. Each species was advancing, and adapting to their various habitats. However, a new homo was entering the playing field, which was not only biologically modern but was capable of creating tools. This new species is known as Homo ergaster/erectus, and they were on the verge of breaking out into new territory. This group would soon leave the cradle of Africa and traverse to Asia,…

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  • Video Games Are Bad For Children Essay

    Chicago says that seniors who play games have better balance and an improved gait than those that didn’t play which reduces the likelihood of falling and getting injured. A study published in Seeing and Perceiving found that seniors with cataracts who played first-person shooter games for a month were able to make out small print and recognize faces better. Researchers in China examined the impact intense video gaming had on certain brain subregions and found that action video gamers, or AVGs,…

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  • Burden Of Disease In The Dominican Republic

    health systems are in good shape for private and public sectors they can help with decreasing the burden of disease. In a place like the Dominican Republic the burden of disease is noncommunicable but that does not mean that they do not have communicable disease. The noncommunicable disease is cardiovascular disease; this can range from diabetes, heart disease, hypertension and chronic respiratory disease ( 'HEALTH PLAN FOR CENTRAL AMERICA AND THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC 2010 - 2015 ', 2015). Even…

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  • The Dual Multiplex Of The Divided Line Analysis

    2 subsections. Observable phenomena can be broken into deceit (A) and fact (B), and the intelligible phenomena can be broken down into abstract thought (C) and pure reason (D). In the observable phenomena [AB], there are two subcategories: deceit and fact. Deceit in a scientific sense can be defined as observations that are incorrect, or phenomena created by something else that hide’s that object’s physical nature. Fact is the way that objects (for all of this, objects can refer to material…

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