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  • Lesson Analysis: Lesson Analysis And Reflection

    and not regress soon after. This will show no improvement or progress being made. I am concerned that some of my students learn very differently from others so their way of learning will not always be accommodate their styles of learning and they will have to find other ways to learn the strategies and make it stick. The students were engaged and motivated because I called upon them to answer questions and throughout the lesson they would raise their hands eager to tell me the answer or explain the process without me coaxing them. The lesson motivated the students to be engaged because it used Smart Board technology and the students loved to be interactive while learning. It was also engaging because the students feel comfortable with subtractions and wanted to learn more about the strategy of subtracting nine from teen numbers. I saw moments when the students were working they would say, “Oh, I got it now.” Or “Now I understand.” to themselves out loud. There was one student that was disengage but this student happens to be very nonchalant an introverted and nothing seems to excite…

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  • Assignment 2 Math Research Paper

    to solve math subtraction concepts by using a behaviorist approach. Deubel (2003) states that “If behavior is predictable, designers need to identify subskills students must master that lead to a learned behavior, and then select stimuli and presentation strategies that build the subskills ( p. 65)”. Therefore, one can describe the acquisition of math skills as the acquiring of a skill or method of solution that has a predictable behavioral response. Deubel (2003) notes that when an…

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  • Common Mathematics Misconceptions In Mathematics

    Misunderstanding the order of subtraction, such as thinking that 3 – 8 = 5. 2. Misreading the scale on the ruler and beginning measuring at the number 1, rather than from 0. How and why misconception 1 can arise with students: In his book, Issues in Mathematics Teaching, Swan (2001) makes the argument that as students make common mistakes in mathematics in their early years of education, the way in which children think or initially approach a mathematical problem does not…

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  • Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, And Threat Analysis

    The SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat) analysis is structured in a point-based system in order to visualize the recommendation result in a more quantitative view. Internal factors, strength and weakness, are rated in terms of technology, product quality, cost, demand and supply. External factors, opportunity and threat, are rated in terms of R&D, policy, demand and supply. The factors and their relative importance are explained in the next paragraphs. Technology in Strength and…

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  • Math Misconceptions Essay

    difficult as students lack the understanding of what is being taught and why the answer is what it is. A common misconception in number is when students misunderstand the order of the subtraction operation. When given the question: 2-5= ?, students may give the answer: 2-5= 3, instead of the correct answer of: 2-5=-3. The student believes that the equation 2-5 cannot be done, so rearranges the equation to 5-2 to solve the equation and hence gives an incorrect answer. By rearranging the…

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  • What's Your Sign Integer Addition Video Analysis

    The video I chose to watch from the Teaching Channel was called What 's Your Sign: Integer Addition. This video was about eight graders in a pre-algebra class. The main topic that the video discussed was addition with integers. This video was about five minutes long, and although it was short, it was packed full of information. This video on integer addition goes along with chapter 5.1: Addition and Subtraction of Integers. In this video the teacher, Ms. Krasnow, was teaching her students how…

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  • My Favorite Math Manipulative

    There are so a good deal of math manipulative but, my favorite math manipulative is snap cubes. In my research snap cubes can be used to teach different math subjects. These cubes can be used for math activities and even homework as well. And more in school to involve the students to learn how to add or subtraction with the cubes and even to learn to place value values with the cubes. Throughout my paper I will be talking about snap cubes and how math manipulative can be so beneficial to…

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  • Analysis Of Order And Value: Transitioning To Integers By Laura Bofferding

    The article I read for this assignment was, Order and Value: Transitioning to Integers by Laura Bofferding. In this article Laura Bofferding conducted an interview with 61 first graders to see what they knew about integers/ negative numbers. It was interesting to read about the different responses that the students gave her when she asked them a series of questions. Through this article, I learned about six different models that explained the way the first graders were thinking when they were…

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  • Pt1420 Unit 6 Assignment

    The client does not have a full conceptual understanding of subtraction which tends to also affect her procedural understanding of the concept. Our client does understand that subtraction is taking a certain numerical value from another numerical value. Our client has troubles identifying when she needs to do subtraction or addition in word problems; she will do addition unless told specifically that she needs to do subtraction (as shown in question 1). She cannot tell which operation she needs…

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  • Importance Of Educational Strategies In The Classroom

    made up of fifteen students. In this journal, I focus on the way the teacher actively introduces and develop a math lesson on subtraction while ensuring the content is meaningful for her class. Moreover, as the lesson takes its course I am able to identify the teacher’s strategies for motivating students and checking their understanding. At the beginning of the lesson, the Teacher reads a book about take-away subtraction called Cupcake Capers to her class. The instructor effectively caught the…

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