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  • Threat Sheet Character Analysis

    are compelling and complex characters. GOODFELLAS also does this by making the main character charming and conflicted. In addition, Jack’s actionable goal is never well defined. He reacts to events, but he never really has any plan of action or goal. He’s not very proactive. The audience doesn’t know what to root for. The structure and plot doesn’t feel goal-focused. Sometimes the story focuses on Skelly, sometimes it focuses on Faith, etc. The story need to feel like there’s a goal to achieve. There are, in fact, some scenes that feel non-essential, such as Riley attacking the guard. This hinders the pace. The romance between Skelly and Colin also feels like a distraction. If this were a TV series this could work (all the various subplots). However, for a feature film, the script needs to be more focused and streamlined. Even within a scene there’s some confusion. For example, Faith is with Jack and she thinks she hears a noise, but there’s no follow up. One scene includes a character named “Skate,” but the audience has no idea who he is and he’s never seen again. Perhaps this is Skelly. Clarify the scene on page 23, regarding “inside the television.” It’s unclear if Jack is having a memory flash, watching a video, or something else. On page 70, clarify why Jack steals a car. In the third act, there’s a violent conclusion, but as stated, the audience isn’t rooting for anyone. Thus, focus the plot more on Jack and his rivalry with Finbar. Give them a reason to…

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  • The Outsiders Movie Essay

    book. The movie isn’t as detailed as the book, but got the main idea and life lesson of the story. There are many little details in the book that were passed in the movie. In the book there were many good subplots, that were sadly skipped. The whole subplot of Soda, Ponyboy’s brother, being in love with Sandy, his girlfriend. The whole story of Soda thinking he got Sandy pregnant, which made her move to Florida, but in the end he actually didn’t get her pregnant. That whole subplot was only in…

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  • The Importance Of Visualization

    Sometimes, a moral weakness is highlighted that causes the fall of the protagonist,” according to Is the Antagonist truly an Antagonist by definition? “In literature, an antagonist is a character, group of characters, or other force that presents an obstacle or is in direct conflict with the protagonist. The antagonist is most often one character who has a goal that opposes the protagonist’s goal and will try to stop the protagonist from getting what he…

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  • Bad Blood Character Analysis

    focus on her as a character that undergoes a true character transformation. There’s a romantic subplot, but this isn’t currently well foreshadowed or set up. When Davis exclaims how much he has been thinking of Rivers (page 57) it feels a bit jarring. The relationship, or chemistry, between the Rivers and Davis isn’t strong enough. The tension in the relationship is not fully explored. For example, the White Woman who sees them together and reports them is a generic character. Instead,…

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  • Last Presence Analysis

    Otherwise, there’s not enough compelling suspense or tension to sustain the plot. Tension is what drives a story, and thus, this needs to be enhanced. Find ways to elevate the tension. If the protagonist needs some information from the past to fix something in the present, then that sets a goal and it creates organic tension. Anticipation can be generated. Also, the higher the stakes, the more tension created. One way to create strong tension is to create a “ticking clock” tension. This involves…

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  • Short Film Analysis

    usually a comedy sketch with a punch line, such as in Knob, or a horror with a twist, like Selfie From Hell. The reveal or surprising ending seems to be common in the under 5 minute short, as the film has little time to make a memorable and meaningful impact. Even the short The Present, which isn’t horror or comedy, has a reveal at the end. The ten-minute short has time to build character and story to a climax, without the need for a twist, such as the films Danny Boy, He Took His Skin Off For…

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  • Subplot The Crucible

    Devil fell God thought him beautiful in heaven”-Arthur Miller. This directly connects to The Crucible by Arthur Miller because this quote came directly from the book. The purpose of this book is directly conveyed through the use of dramatic irony, dialogues, and a powerful, interesting subplot. In The Crucible many people are accused of senseless accusations of witchcraft. In the end many lives are ruined and lost, also many shocking revelations are made. Arthur Miller was summoned into court to…

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  • Jaws Film Analysis

    The movie Jaws is a classic film which follows the “typical” film structure. Looking at the precise layout of Jaws, it fits with Blake Snyder Beat’s. The reason the Blake Snyder model is effective, is due to how many beats it contains. Fifteen beats doesn’t make it difficult to comprehend, along with extreme pinpoint accuracy. Combining the simplicity of the film structure along with the model, it’s a perfect combination for learning. The film starts off with the Opening Image, giving the…

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  • Katnis Everdeen Character Analysis

    Janel Jackman Mrs. Hanafin 9 English ¾ A 29 November 2016 Some Stories are Good, But Others are Better. There are millions of stories in the world that are “hookers” or “good reads.” But not all stories are fascinating; some are unsatisfactory or occasionally even extremely lousy. Some people don’t like to read because all the books they have read are not “good” books to them. There are elements of exceptional stories and poor stories. If someone knows the elements of books that that person…

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  • The Outsiders Book Vs Movie Essay

    Books and movies go together like peanut butter and jelly. The author’s work becomes a feature length movie entertaining more people than have ever even heard of the book. While many audience members leave the theater with their jaws on the floor, some audience members leave a little disappointed. They see all the details that the movie got wrong, big or small. Many movies fail to completely fulfill their original book’s ideas and plot lines. The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton is no exception to this…

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