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  • Heterogeneity In Cities

    Cities are made up of numbers, density, and heterogeneity (Wirth, 1938) that enable innovation and deviance to establish cultural groups through relationships, opportunities, and freedom. These distinct failing processes within weak urban environments produce a deviant, disorderly space that nourished subversive cultural groups aimed at weakening established social and economic channels. For example, cities create highly fragmented relationships that do not fulfill the needs of individuals and instead produce feelings of isolation (Wirth, 1938). While heterogeneity in cities leads to tolerance and greater opportunities for groups to form, these groups ““foster… mutual exploitation”, which leads to social disorder” (Wirth, 1938). Lastly, freedom in cities is established through blurring boundaries and low surveillance, which lets groups connect and create outlets of innovation, but also produces a source of deviance. For subversive groups, like the punk rock subgroup in Los Angeles, these factors of isolation, social disorder, and deviance are key in their ability to form, adapt, and expand in these weak urban environments. The formation of a subgroup is characterized by connecting stigmatized individuals, creating autonomous institutions, introducing organic intellectuals, hostility, and mobilization. Which is illustrated by the punk rock subgroup that formed in the city space of Los Angeles. In the 1970s at the start of the movement, Los Angeles was characterized by…

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  • Los Punk Stereotypes

    As a noun, “punk” is defined by Merriam-Webster as being “a petty gangster, hoodlum, or ruffian; a rude and violent young man.” When used as an adjective, the same word means “inferior.” Members of this culture are depicted as the “bad kids” who fail to contribute to society and are most-likely destined to be the occupants of prison. In fact, “punk” is also a slang term meaning a “young man used as a homosexual partner especially in a prison.” When one hears the word “punk,” images of violence,…

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  • Punk Music Vs Rap

    Project Task #1 My research topic is about the correlation between punk music and rap. Music has always reflected its generation and what was going in that era. Punk music and rap are two totally different genres and cultures. Despite the difference in sound, they face the same socioeconomic issues. Both Punk, and Rap are products of low income areas. What I’m gonna be talking about is how and why the same things affect both subcultures. Both are viewed negatively, but…

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  • Analysis Of Hap By Thomas Hardy

    The idea of religion and the justice of God also appears in John Donne’s “[At the round earth’s imagined corners, blow…]”. While Hardy rejects the idea that God is kind and just, instead arguing that chance controls the events of life, Donne believes that God will dispense justice on Judgement Day. Though Hardy’s sestet subscribes to a belief in life’s randomness, the poet would ideally like to believe in the kind and just God whom Donne worships. His suffering, however, is so great that it…

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  • Moral Decay In The Great Gatsby

    away with cheating on their spouse every day. Woods was a role model to so many people, but his poor decision ruined his integrity, which represents moral decay. A second theme that thrives among The Great Gatsby is the “open and unashamed interest in money and the things money can buy”, or crass materialism. Even the Fitzgeralds lived by the code, “You took what you wanted from life, if you could get it” (Fahey). The Fitzgeralds believed you could get whatever it was that you wanted. The…

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  • Social Commentary In F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby

    but dying with everything. Others simply put it as chasing the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, with great success. Many celebrities in the spotlight are doing just that, such as the famous hip-hop artist, Jay Z, born Shawn Carter. Carter grew up in a crime-ridden neighborhood, with “beginnings as a street kid peddling drugs in New York’s Bed-Stuy district” (----- ). Now, Carter has amassed a fortune and has shown the significance of crass materialism by purchasing many…

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  • Anthony Berseaux Provocative Humor

    Hal Holbrook once said, " I get a feeling about political correctness. I hate it. It causes us to lie silently instead of saying what we think." I often find myself asking, " Who's to judge what's offensive or what's not offensive?" Many people see racism, sexism, and prejudice on a daily basis and are so easily offended by it. Anthony Berteaux pushes how "Provocative humor, such as ones dealing with topics of race and gender politics, can be crass and vulgar, but underlying it must be a context…

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  • The Story Of Magna Carta

    The story of Magna Carta begins around the year 1200 in medieval England. During this period, the foundation of the society was organized under the feudal system. At the bottom tier, were the poor peasants that farmed lands day in and day out. These farmed lands remained rented from the wealthy Barons, who had acquired a higher status of living only because they had done a favor for the King who had given them these lands as symbol of reward. The King who existed at the top most pinnacle of the…

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  • Gender Roles In The Song Of Deborah

    to take control into her hands and kill the enemy is particularly significant as it portrays a reverse in gender. As depicted through her behaviour, to be cunning (through seduction) and then resort to violence to conquer the enemy. This reflects women in the pre-monarchic period as intelligent, cunning and a protector, as depicted through her actions to protect and defend the people by doing what means necessary. Jael’s role as an independent and confident women is quite different from the…

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  • Fitzgerald's American Dream

    twenties. However, drugs and alcohol are getting used by more and more younger people. During the twenties, the wild parties with alcohol were thrown by adults where nowadays youth as young as twelve or thirteen far too often have participated in these activities. Fitzgerald’s desire of the American dream was translated into Gatsby’s American dream. Gatsby being someone who had in fact rose from rags to riches used his riches to entice the woman he was interested in. Gatsby spent large amounts…

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