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  • Swot Analysis Of Prêt-A-Porters

    The Brief The Trio, a group of young, multi-talented creatives, have created designs for their own clothing line to be sold prêt-a-porter in the market. Prêt-a-porter is one of the two categories that the 12 segments of the fashion industry are organised into (Blackmon, 2007). It is clothing that is mass-produced and is not custom fit to individual clients, which makes up the principle volume of sales in the fashion industry (Blackmon, 2007). The line has been designed to appeal to people aged from 14 – 23 years old, meaning that a wide range of clothes would be distributed. The following report will explore intellectual property, including copyright and trademarking, as well as creative commons in order to determine how they will protect their line from facing any…

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  • Plagiarism And Fallacies: The Art Form Of Mash-Up

    the grounds that a mixer is using other people’s work. Mixing is actually a widely practices art form of music that in certain circles is in fact recognized as an art form. If much of the public stays close-minded on those who use other people’s music to create a new sound and only consider them to be plagiarists, this genre of music won’t be able to go anywhere. If mixers they are able to create a new sound using sounds from different sources that, even if still be recognized from their…

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  • Diversity Event Reflection Paper

    I thought it was really beneficial that their projects focus on digital tools in order to address social justice issues in different countries. I think that media is one of the most effective and efficient ways to highlight these types of issues because so many people are engaging in the media every day. The use of the internet and social media is becoming increasingly more popular and for a program to present these social issues in creative and exciting ways, such as through the use of music,…

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  • Walt Disney Copyright Laws Essay

    of new ideas for his cartoons, rather he took other artists past pieces and just “updated it and made it relevant for our age.” (Rip, 34:34-34:38). Disney is one of the most well-known cartoonists of this century and is often praised for his creativity, even though he never created those stories but merely adapted them. Disney was able to build off of the past but once he passed away, the Walt Disney Corporation made sure to stop this and create laws that prohibited others from using ideas from…

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  • Gaye's Composition Analysis

    OTHER SECTION It is clear that Gaye’s composition on paper is protected, but it is also clear that the style Gaye’s composition reflects is an idea that is not protected, pursuant to section 102 (b). Copyright Act of 1976, 17 U.S.C. §§ 102(b) (2012). The question then becomes, whether Appellants attempted to reflect the style of Gaye’s piece, or whether they attempted to build on an already completed composition to create a derivative song that paralleled the original, pursuant to section 103.…

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  • Overview Of The Global Semiconductor Industry

    addition, fromchipless firms licensing activities we can capture the effect that thelicensor characteristics vis-à-vis the licensee have on the licensor licensing choice. In the last three decades, the semiconductor industry has seen a horrendously increase in the rate of technological developmentas downstream users of the industry technology have demanded more advanced chips. This hasled to shortening in the product lifecycle and meant that chiplessfirms have to innovate continuously in order…

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  • Persuasive Essay On Licensing Parents

    children out there don’t have that. Parents not caring enough about their kids or just flat out not capable of taking care of them, can lead them into tough situations that can change their life forever, such as drugs, alcohol, and committing crimes. There are many ways to lead up to licensing parents that could change everything for the better. Parents need to be licensed in order to have a child, or children if wanted. There are too many kids in this world who aren’t being guided, by their…

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  • Olivet College Reflection Paper

    decision to become an insurance major, pushing me to just get the license no matter what, or even just the support system I found down each hall way of Mott academic center. Olivet College has helped prepare me on my journey to enter the insurance field. For starters, on my campus visit at Olivet College…

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  • Occupational Therapy Assistant Essay Examples

    The temporary license is only valid for 3-4 months and no extensions are given. An OTA with a temporary license must take the exam within the 90-day period listed in the NBCOT Authoritation to Test (ATT) letter or else will lose this license when it expires. However, if the applicant fails, the license issued will be voided. An OTA with a temporary license must be supervised by an OT or OTA with a regular license all the time. The first regular license is valid from the date of issuance until…

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  • D Manufacturing Case Study

    Licensing is when a company of the outside country agrees to let D manufacturing use their resources, their trademark, manufacturing or even skills the outside company might poses in return for a payment. Some of the advantages of licensing include an easy point of entry, less financial risk for D manufacturing, it benefits both companies, there is no startup cost and some of its property licenses include the trademarks, their technology, and their technology know-hows, and all business…

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