Plagiarism And Fallacies: The Art Form Of Mash-Up

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Plagiarism and Fallacies
Many people discredit the music genre of “mash-ups” from being an actually genre on the grounds that a mixer is using other people’s work. Mixing is actually a widely practices art form of music that in certain circles is in fact recognized as an art form. If much of the public stays close-minded on those who use other people’s music to create a new sound and only consider them to be plagiarists, this genre of music won’t be able to go anywhere. If mixers they are able to create a new sound using sounds from different sources that, even if still be recognized from their original source, creates a new way of listening to the music, which varies from the original sources, it should be held that they are not to be considered
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DJ Danger mouse sampled a cappella versions of rapper Jay-Z’s Black Album mixed with instrumental samples off of the Beatles The White Album. Two problems arose from this album. The first was that the record label EMI retained the Beatle’s music, and the second was that the cost for a clearance fee to use the Beatles’ music is extremely high. The record label EMI decided to send cease and desist orders over the uncleared Beatles samples. DJ Danger mouse could not sell the album essentially or else be on the grounds to be sued, so the album has turned into “boot-leg” and is shared across the Internet for …show more content…
There are many more subgenres of the mash-up genre, but A vs B is the most prevalent type. Other subgenres include “glitch-pop,” “version vs version,” “abstract mash ups,” and a slew of others. A vs B suited the argument because A vs B has more prevalent sampling as well as having a more recognizable pattern and distribution in the digital world as of recent. The inclusion of Polish law and its immediate relevance could be called into question as copyright laws relating to the United States only applies in the United States, and else where it (should) become irrelevant. However, the citing and paraphrasing of Polish laws and dictations on sampling or derivatives could provide a window of opportunity for change in the legal system favorable to the overall betterment of the music industry. If laws were changed and made similar to Polish law, copyright infringement could be held only for the blatant abusers of the system and those who wish to express themselves would be free to do so. The inclusion of specific examples might seem narrow to those who have not listened to the chosen samples. Each example provides a different view into mash-ups relating to A vs B format. The Grey Album is an exemplar of many different tracks, all from the same sources, overlaid on each other to create a song. Renard’s music are exemplars of A vs B with many different songs with the inclusion

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