Analysis: Social Innovation In A Digital Context

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The event I attended for the diversity assignment was called, “Social Innovation in a Digital Context” (SIDC). The event was held October 16 at the PASSHE Center City campus, located at 701 Market St in Philadelphia. This event was a PowerPoint presentation with a question and answer format at the end. The SIDC event’s main focus was sharing the importance of the relationship between digital technology and how it has the ability to influence socio-political change. The SIDC’s goal is creating a successful program that demonstrates the effectiveness in how people of different cultural backgrounds can work together to build better societies.
I chose to attend this event because I read about the program on a pamphlet I received recently and it caught my attention because it had a lot to do with the importance of cultural diversity. I go to Philadelphia a lot on the weekends, so I thought the SIDC event seemed to be something new and exciting to try out. Attending this event I learned that SIDC is a program that is designed for people from all different cultures to come together to create and share individual projects that they believe will ultimately strengthen human rights and democracy building within
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I thought it was really beneficial that their projects focus on digital tools in order to address social justice issues in different countries. I think that media is one of the most effective and efficient ways to highlight these types of issues because so many people are engaging in the media every day. The use of the internet and social media is becoming increasingly more popular and for a program to present these social issues in creative and exciting ways, such as through the use of music, short films, and graphic design, it will really grab people’s attentions from all different backgrounds and encourage people to make a

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