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  • Nietzsche's Feministic Analysis

    of his own free will and thus having a conscience. He then muses over the idea of guilt, mentioning how the word guilt and debt are very similar in the German language. (II:8) This leads to the idea that guilt was originally separate from accountability. He furthers this point with the idea of punishment in older societies. He states that punishment was originally not in the form of guilt, but instead in a physical retribution. He admires this method as it eliminates the mental turmoil of modern day guilt. If a promise couldn’t be fulfilled, the creditor, or one owed the promise, would still be able to get retribution in the form of seeing his debtor in pain. (II:10) This lead to a greater satisfaction to society when a debt couldn’t be paid. Also, this ensures the unfaithful debtor will have this transgression burned into their mind making them more accountable in the future. Furthermore, this brings up the notion of debtor and creditor. Where in the past, after punishment, there was no guilt and no feeling…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Opening A New Business

    Check with each creditor; pull your original contractual agreements, etc. In some cases, creditors extend loans to your LLC or Incorporation, but in others they actually extended the credit to you personally. This is an extremely important distinction to determine. If you did NOT personally guarantee the debt, the creditor cannot legally go after you personally for the debt. They’ll only have the right to go after the business. If the business operations cease, the lender cannot collect from you…

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  • Company Case Study Cherokee's Chocolates

    By checking potentials customer’s history and information it will help prevent bad debts in near future. If L Brown had a thorough credit check, Chloe may have found that he was financially unstable to pay his debts off. But Chloe has allowed L Brown to purchase on credit nonetheless, and it says that Chloe has even allowed him to purchase more chocolates when he hadn’t payed off his previous amount from 2 months ago. His debts have now accumulated to $9,500 and Chloe was forced to write if off…

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  • Debtors In Prison Essay

    and got into serious trouble when they were unable to pay their debts. Creditors were able to seize property as well as have the person imprisoned until the amounts were paid in full. Landing in debt prison was a horrible prospect and many died in the dark dungeons that served as prisons when they were unable to raise the amount of debt owed. The thought of a debtor’s prison was a motivating threat that worked effectively in having people clear their debts. The prison was a sure death trap as…

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  • Two Main Causes Of Agency Conflicts Between Shareholders And Management

    shareholders and creditors. Shareholders are the owners of the business. Very often, they do not manage the firm as they lack the necessary expertise. Subsequently, they appoint managers to manage the firm on their behalf. Hence, in this situation the shareholders are the principals and the managers are the agents. In…

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  • The Remembrancer Or Debtors Prison Recorder

    to get out of prison and still pay the creditor back, in addition, taking an oath to secure the debtors are taking the necessary steps in paying the creditors back. Jansen is providing these solutions because being able to not pay debt is not a crime, as a result, the solutions will reduce imprisonment for debtors and creditors will get their money back. When publishing an article, it’s tough choosing the correct words to draw in the readers, however, Jansen’s choice of words is very persuasive…

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  • Nietzsche On The Genealogy Of Morals Analysis

    theme Nietzsche argues that there are various kinds of punishment that all relate to the relationship between the creditor and debtor. Thirdly Nietzsche argues that there is a power also contains a will within it. When Nietzsche says that there is a slave revolt in morality he means that there is resentment among the…

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  • Pharmaceuticals Case Summary

    case has the makings of an intentional tort. Bara Pharmaceuticals knew what it was doing when they used a name that was very similar to Barae. This misuse of the company name was purposeful and an example of willful and malicious injury by the debtor to another entity or property of the entity (The Law Offices of John Day, P.C., 2015). The property or the name of Barae had been damaged intentionally and therefore the intentional tort is invoked. As evident in the intention of Bara…

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  • Debt Law

    financial times. Trying to negotiate with creditors may be difficult, not to mention that some would want to repossess any item you have. Fortunately, you do not have to suffer in silence. A bankruptcy lawyer Las Vegas can help you. There are different options that one can use to settle debt. Debt consolidation, debt settlement and bankruptcy are some common ways you can relieve debt. Debt Consolidation Debt consolidation is a part of debt settlement where an agency advises consumers to stop…

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  • Tort Liability Case Study: Defects LLC

    to abuse at any time and away from the original intention of the limited liability company 's legal system, to the detriment of the interests of creditors of the company and social welfare. The risk of abuse of limited liability that may occur at any time, in particular: Firstly, limited liability company has the potential to abuse the personality, in violation of the principle of separation of ownership and management rights dimension level, illegal manipulation of the minority shareholders in…

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