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  • Sapulpa Car Theft Report Example

    2016, I, Deputy John Arnold, went to Canyon Road Baptist Church at 8550 South 49th West Avenue in Creek County, Oklahoma where Deputy Brandan Welsh was completing a stolen vehicle report. Upon my arrival the victim had already left. Deputy Welsh stated the victim arrived at the church at approximately 6:15 P.M. and at approximately 7:15 P.M. when he went to leave church, he discovered his 2007 Silver Cadillac STS sedan missing from the church parking lot. While Deputy Welsh was sitting in the parking lot, Deputy Welsh contacted Creek County Dispatch to enter the Cadillac into NCIC. Deputy Welsh and I left the church to go to an area where a known subject who has past history of auto theft lived to see if the car was at his residence. I was traveling North on South 33rd West Avenue from approximately the 6600 block when I observed a Silver Cadillac sedan traveling South on South 33rd West Avenue without headlights and I observed the…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Red Box Canyon

    We were headed for The Valley Forge Campground. A round trip hike of around six miles in and out. We had planned to stay over night and pack out on Sunday. We had a full group with us, besides ourselves, there was Ralph and his brother, Kevin, Jim Spencer and his son Tim, and Mark Cook. This is an excellent trail shaded by a forest canopy of oak,spruce, and alders.The trail switch backs down to and crosses several creeks which become the head waters of the West Fork of the San Gabriel River.…

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  • Enterprise Risk Management Planning

    Types of external considerations within Rutherford County are related to natural disasters, political disasters and macroeconomic shifts, including inflation, rate of growth, and unemployment. As a measure to offset natural disasters, we have relationships with other counties across the state coordinate efforts with our Emergency Management team. Indeed, the county 's mitigation planning efforts consist of local, state, and federal assistance. Unfortunately, there are few measures to plan for…

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  • Public Campaign Finance

    City-states of the ancient world were one of the first political entities with democratic governance. Part of the democratic process is authorizing individuals to make decisions, holding these individuals accountable, and for these individual to be responsive to the needs of the community (Pitkin, 1957). Today, cities have low levels of democratic participation that hold elected officials accountable and authorize them to have the power to make a decision. At the same time, a majority of the…

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  • Pivot Table Report Observations

    Pivot Table / Chart Report Exercise There are four observations in the pivot table, and the one part of pivot table report is about the annual adult care facility, total number of census, SMI and SSI. The other part is about New York State Population, total population and total number of race and ethnicity distribution. The results that I received are come from the data Adult Care Facility Annual Survey and New York State Population. I use the pivot table or chart to get the observations. At the…

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  • Count/Verification Assistant: A Case Study

    Jill started a new job as a count/verification assistant for the Johnson County Board of Elections. After completing her degree, she believed she would have the greatest chance of making a difference in her community and society as a whole. She had completed the counties required training and briefings, read and agree to the terms of the Statement of Secrecy, and she would have no problem with acting impartially at all times and respect confidentiality of material handled. Mark the senior…

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  • Valley Forge Summary

    Drucker gave were that of the military, which is where most of my professional experience is. Because of that it was difficult for me to find ways to expand upon or update; even though the military does use new technology, we still learn things written in Von Steuben’s blue book from Valley Forge that taught the young colonial infantry how to participate in war. But then it hit me; many of Drucker’s incites on management I was already planning on putting in motion; for the County Commission, I…

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  • Essay On Wayne County

    smaller and smaller. These layers escalate starting from the smallest governing body, Crestwood School District, up to city Government, County Government, State Government, and finally, the Federal Government. Of these systems, it would be the most logical and much easier, to get rid of Wayne County and let every city, it governs, to take care of itself. Wayne County has the least political effect on the economy, and for this…

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  • Analysis Of Dawson's Creek

    We see the main characters of Dawson’s Creek exiting the latency stage, which spans until puberty and consists of suppressed sexual feelings, and beginning the genital stage, which spans puberty into adult life and consists of sexual maturation and gratifying that desire. The characters of Dawson’s Creek are seen developing these feelings for each other, which often causes confusion as they work to figure out what they mean. They begin to struggle through their emerging romantic feelings, their…

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  • Nursing Application Essay

    I have been dedicated towards my studies since childhood thanks to the teachings my father has instilled in me. My career in the nursing field has been guided by two principles: (1) improving access to quality health care services for undeserved populations such as the poor, homeless, and orphans and, (2) teaching and delivering culturally competent and compassionate care. My educational background and volunteer experience has broadened my knowledge and has increased my depth of understanding of…

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