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  • Nietzsche's Feministic Analysis

    conscience. He then muses over the idea of guilt, mentioning how the word guilt and debt are very similar in the German language. (II:8) This leads to the idea that guilt was originally separate from accountability. He furthers this point with the idea of punishment in older societies. He states that punishment was originally not in the form of guilt, but instead in a physical retribution. He admires this method as it eliminates the mental turmoil of modern day guilt. If a promise couldn’t be fulfilled, the creditor, or one owed the promise, would still be able to get retribution in the form of seeing his debtor in pain. (II:10) This lead to a greater satisfaction to society when a debt couldn’t be paid. Also, this ensures the unfaithful debtor will have this transgression burned into their mind making them more accountable in the future. Furthermore, this brings up the notion of debtor and creditor. Where in the past, after punishment, there was no guilt and no feeling…

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  • Chapters Of Bankruptcy In The United States

    individual is able to keep up to $100,000 worth of their home. After determining the exempt property, individuals need to determine what to do with their secured debt such as homes and vehicles. Individuals are able to redeem, reaffirm, or surrender the collateral that they put up for the secured debt. If one chooses to redeem they pay the creditor the current value of the property. If they choose to reaffirm the debt, they “agree on new contract terms with the creditor” (Renauer). The last…

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  • Discharge In Bankruptcy Case Study

    being presented in this case is exceptions to dischargeable debts in bankruptcy. This case raises the question of the whether the obligation under the guaranty would have been discharged in Harman’s bankruptcy. According to our textbook, Business Law Text and Cases, a guarantor can be required to pay the obligation only after the principal debtor defaults, and usually, only after the creditor has made an attempt to collect from the debtor. The Supreme Court had laid down a near per se rule…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Opening A New Business

    Opening a new business is one of the most exciting times of anyone’s life. The initial stages are full of questions you’re excited to answer and decisions you can’t wait to make. For some, this excitement continues as the business grows and the opportunity to succeed becomes more solid with every new day. For others, the questions get more difficult and those decisions they used to wake up in the morning so excited to make start to get postponed and pushed off because the choices all seem…

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  • Debtors In Prison Essay

    Debtors in the past had a raw time and got into serious trouble when they were unable to pay their debts. Creditors were able to seize property as well as have the person imprisoned until the amounts were paid in full. Landing in debt prison was a horrible prospect and many died in the dark dungeons that served as prisons when they were unable to raise the amount of debt owed. The thought of a debtor’s prison was a motivating threat that worked effectively in having people clear their debts. The…

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  • The Remembrancer Or Debtors Prison Recorder

    In 1820, imprisonment for debtors was a huge topic. An article called “The Remembrancer, or Debtors Prison Recorder” that was published in New York, April 17, 1820 discussed the prison for debtors. This article was released by a press of Charles N. Baldwin and published by John B. Jansen. Mainly this article focused on discussing about Debtor prisons and how the system is unjust for throwing people in prison for being unable to pay their debt. The article on page 15 discussed how to reduce…

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  • Importance Of Business Communication Skills

    end (Receivers‟ Part) A GOOD DEBTOR IS A GOOD COMMUNICATOR Definition: Debtor is an expression used in the accounting world to specify a party who owes money to a company or individual. A debtor can be an entity, a company or a person of a legal nature that owes money to someone else – your business for example. If you have one or more debtors, that makes you a creditor. To put it simply, the debtor-creditor relationship is complimentary to the customer-supplier…

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  • Bankruptcy Vs Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

    resolve financial problems but it is typically a debtor’s last resort. Each year, approximately 1.5 million debtors file for personal bankruptcy, and approximately 40,000 businesses file for business bankruptcy (Textbook). Bankruptcy allows debtors a chance to start fresh financially while their creditors are still being paid. There are two categories that bankruptcy falls into: voluntary and…

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  • Liquidity Ratios In Tal Lanka Hotels And Sigirinka Hotels PLC

    higher stock holding cost and damage to stock. Whereas holding less stock level creates problems in customer demand. c) Debtor turnover…

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  • Bay Al Dayn Case Study

    to al-Jassas, the word al-dayn include all types of debt contract and its permissible based on deferred. This verse stated that the important to write it down to all the debt transaction. The word al-dayn in hadith can be divided by two interpretation. First is general understanding to encompass any liability that must be performed notwithstanding whether the dayn relates to property like debt of a debtor to a creditor, or not, like liability of a person to make up a missing prayers. It…

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