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  • The Pros And Cons Of Swarm Debugging

    applications through debugging. As a result, this process produces a lot of information about the system context. This information is, however, extbf{usually lost after the end of the debugging session}. In this thesis dissertation, we present a new approach to collect, share and retrieve information from call debugging sessions named Swarm Debugging (SD). SD uses developers ' cooperative effort cite{Fuggetta2000,Storey2014} to capture and share knowledge, collecting iterations that were previously discarded in traditional debugging tools. It allows developers to find breakpoints and starting points, and share their experiences on software projects transparently. Focusing on sensitive sessions context, each SD session captures only the paths covered intentionally, driving by true developers ' issues. In order to validate our approach, we made the Swarm Debug Infrastructure (SDI), an open-source infrastructure integrated into Eclipse, to collect and share fine-grained data about developers ' interactive debugging activities. The SDI collects data in the…

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  • Structured VLSI Design Case Study

    used by the compiler as the default destination for compiled design units. • Compiling our Design After creating the working library, we compile our design units into it. The ModelSim library format is compatible across all supported platforms. We can simulate our design on any platform without having to recompile our design. • Loading the Simulator with our Design and then Running the Simulation With the design compiled, we load the simulator with our design by invoking the simulator on a…

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  • Grace Hopper's Life And Accomplishments

    In 1947, while she was working on the US Navy’s Mark II Computer, as a coworker discovered that a moth was stuck in Relay 70, which was causing glitches in the Mark II. She remarked that there was a bug in the system and they debugged it. While she neither coined the term “bug” or “debugging”, as Thomas Edison is credited with coining “bug” to refer to a problem with the engineering and “debugging” had been used by aeronautic engineers for a while, Hopper did popularize it in referring to…

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  • Sony Xperia Case Study

    Take a backup of your phone. Once the rooting process is complete, you won’t find any data in your Xperia E1 and everything will be wiped out. So make sure you backup everything before you proceed further. Backup your contacts list, text messages, photos, videos, and everything else you need to. 2. The next step involves unlocking the bootloader of your Sony Xperia, else you will not be able to root its system. This is an easy process and will not take much effort. Click here to read the step by…

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  • Personal Narrative: My AP Computer Science Class

    “Don’t just play on your phone, program it.” This quote by President Obama, which hung in my AP Computer Science classroom, resonated with me from the first day. The class introduced me to the world of coding, but also inspired me to create and learn beyond the classroom. Most importantly, this class bonded a group of my classmates who shared a passion for computer science. At first we helped each other with labs and debugging in the Java based class; but as our knowledge grew of computer…

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  • Accountability In The Workplace: Case Study

    As it was my first co-op work term, I was given a supporting role in the team. I started by debugging small pieces of code at Essex Energy, and learning about web development techniques such as Microsoft Silverlight and HTML5. Having good professional relationships with team members is a very integral to the success of an organization; this helps the whole team create common goals and be more effective. Working at Essex Energy, I observed the different communication methods they used and adapted…

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  • Root Lg Stylo Case Study

    cable is necessary for establishing connection between your device and the PC • Install custom recovery on your device and enable USB debugging. • If you root lg stylo, the warranty may be nullified. So learn how to unroot the device to stay clear of such a problem. After having done all the preparations, your device can be rooted by doing the following steps. Part 2 How to root LG stylo with Android root Rooting any Android phone requires considerable expertise when done using the conventional…

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  • Case Study Of Klamath Paper Products

    completion of any of the milestone, the project manager will be notified so that he/she can take proper step to complete this in time. Milestone | Description | Date | Complete requirement gathering | All requirements of implementation of video conferencing system should be gathered | 04/19/2013 | Designing of the process of implementing the video conferencing system. | This will be the theoretical design of the functionality of the software. | 05/2/2013 | Implementation of the system…

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  • Lg G4c Case Study

    while connecting the LG G4C to the PC. • In your LG G4C Android smartphone, enable USB Debugging if it is not enabled already. This is necessary for your smartphone to be detected and worked on by the dr.fone program. Part 3 How to root LG G4C with Android Root? After having done all the preparations mentioned above, you can start with the procedure of rooting your LG G4C with just a single click. Rooting is inherently dangerous and difficult. Using commands to root a smartphone is unwieldy…

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  • Billy And Google Case Study

    Google to a local pizza parlor. As for Google, all of its challenges throughout the internship showcase Google’s openness to new ideas. It never sticks to the status quo; it is dynamic. Attention to Detail As opposed to the preceding objective factor, Google can be distinguished from the main characters in terms of attention to detail. It can be observed from the challenges, specifically the debugging and the helpline challenge, that Google requires and values attention to detail given the…

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