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  • Situational Awareness In Social Work

    Its easy to focus on the inconspicuous boardwalk, line with retail shops, marijuana dispensaries and liquor stores on Crenshaw Blvd. Many argue that Leimert Park offers more than meets the eye. Growing up in a cultural hub similar to Leimert Park, I would definitely consider living here. People work hard here and take a serious interest in how this neighborhood is shaped. Above all the deficits and lack resources, this community has a clear understanding of what it represents and the importance of solidarity amongst each other. The solidarity that has been the backbone through hard times, is ultimately Leimert Park’s greatest…

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  • Crenshaw Theory Of Intersectionality

    everybody experience different, layered characters. The hypothesis endeavors to uncover the diverse sorts of segregation and impediments that happen as an outcome of the mix of organic, social and social characters. Intersectionality, as authored by Crenshaw (1989) endeavors to address the way that the encounters and battles of ladies of color got lost in an outright flood of both women 's activist and against bigot talk. Cases of sex-stamping conduct designs proliferate.…

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  • Crenshaw Community Reflection

    The Crenshaw community is a family of individuals with similar backgrounds who relate to one another through their personal values, reoccurring challenges, and their passion for change. I call this amazing community my home. While growing up in this community, I was faced with several different challenges. One of the most constraining challenges was the perpetuating health dilemma that began to take a toll on my community. There were times where I had to watch many families struggle, having no…

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  • Kimberle Crenshaw Case Study

    Kimberlé Crenshaw is credited with introducing intersectionality to feminism in the 1980s. Crenshaw, uses intersectionality to describe overlapping issues, “social justice problems like racism and sexism are often overlapping, creating multiple levels of social injustice” (Crenshaw). In a 2016 TED talk, Crenshaw shared the story of her client, Emma DeGraffenreid. DeGraffenreid believed she had not been hired at an automobile manufacturing plant because she was a Black woman. The judge who heard…

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  • Crenshaw Theory Of Intersectionality Analysis

    Intersectionality cannot merely be defined as the recognition of multiple, and marginalized, identities. Instead, Crenshaw asserts that intersectionality must address the fact that each identity impacts an individual’s experience and oppression in different ways, and that to analyze a situation from an intersectional perspective means to investigate acts of individual oppression and the effects of overlap as well. These multiple aspects of an individual’s identity serve to enhance and…

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  • Martha Crenshaw The Causes Of Terrorism Analysis

    Martha Crenshaw’s 1981 article “The Causes of Terrorism” outlines an analysis on the causes of terrorism by examining the preconditions, precipitants, reasons, the psychological aspects of the individual. Crenshaw attempts to show the reader the causes of terrorism in this article. She begins by providing a definition of terrorists. She defines terrorism as the premeditated use or threat of violence committed by a group of people in order to convey a political message. She then divides her…

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  • Black Motherhood Analysis

    Representations of black women and black motherhood abound in popular culture and in popular contemporary thought. Cultural notions depict black women as sexualized and racialized Jezebels, unfit mothers, welfare queens, and even the impetus for social and moral decline. In response, the authors Kimberlé Crenshaw, Karen McCormack, and Loretta J. Ross use their texts Mapping the Margins, Stratified Reproduction and Poor Women’s Resistance, and The Color of Choice to dismantle, challenge, and…

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  • Intersectionality In The Academy: A Genealogical Analysis

    As Crenshaw mentions, to categorize and to name is an exercise of power (Crenshaw, 1991, 1297). It is not my intent to suggest it is inherently wrong to acknowledge Crenshaw’s contribution to intersectionality, or in fact, her coining of the phrase. Nor am I suggested that Crenshaw’s work on intersectionality is not valuable and significant. Rather, what I seek to trouble is the social and material consequences of the categorization process (Crenshaw, 1991, 1297). Put another way, I wish to…

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  • Intersectionality Of Gender Inequality

    Most often female employees are offered a lower salary than their male counterparts for the same job position and equal qualifications. Women in Asia countries earn 54 to 90 percent less than their male counterparts. Most corporations in Asia have no female employee in the senior management. Only 1.1 percent of female across Asia hold a powerful position in corporations such as Chief Executive Officer. In Hong Kong over forty percent of companies have no female on the board of directors. Given…

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  • From Private Violence To Mass Incarceration Analysis

    “From Private Violence to Mass Incarceration: Thinking Intersectionally About Women, Race, and Social Control” she discusses the issue of mass incarceration of women of color, and the under protection of women under the law. She further explains, how women of color have their rights taken away because of stereotypes; women become vulnerable to punishment and constant surveillance. Crenshaw stated, “intersectionality also points to the relationships between established hierarchies that structure…

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