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  • Crime Fiction Analysis

    Crime fiction television shows from different countries portray the contrasting values and cultural ideologies societies of differing nations possess. A nation’s context greatly influences the crime fiction programs that it creates; current events occurring within a country and the contemporary issues that they deal with all shape the shows they produce. The American drama “Breaking Bad”, England’s “Sherlock Holmes” as well as the Australian show “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries”, all demonstrate the contrasting views and values distinctive nations have and how they highlight these attitudes through their distinctive style of crime fiction shows. Both “Breaking Bad” and “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries” subvert the conventions of the crime fiction…

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  • Crime Fiction In Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction

    Quentin Tarantino’s 1994 film, “Pulp Fiction,” is another film that applies classic crime fiction norms to a more believable and realistic world. This movie is a play on its title, which refers to sleazy, gritty, violent fiction that was originally printed on low-quality paper created out of wood pulp. The film features multiple segments focusing on three main characters: Vincent Vega, Butch Coolidge, and Jules Winnfield, who are all connected by a mobster named Marcellus Wallace. This film is…

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  • Postmodern Crime In Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction

    identified with American detective or thriller films - film noir has since experienced a resurgence at the dawn of the new century, often dubbed as “neo-noir” films. One film in the neo-noir category is Pulp Fiction, directed by Quentin Tarantino. The title, “pulp fiction,” owes itself to the “cheap fiction magazines printed in the United States from the end of the nineteenth century until the middle of the twentieth” (Bailey). The disposable wood pulp-based paper the fiction was printed on was…

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  • Characteristics Of Femme Fatale

    The femme fatale became a very popular character in crime fiction in the United States during the mid-twentieth century (Jaber, 1). This character is a woman who is portrayed to be hyper-sexual and is manipulative towards men. The femme fatale appears in hard-boiled crime fiction and film noir. She also was featured on many pulp covers making seductive poses because of the rise of sex in books (Horsley). Throughout the mid-twentieth century, the femme fatale character changed. Throughout this…

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  • Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night Time Essay

    A Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time Outline: INTRODUCTION: Attention Grabber: In the “Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time,” we see a young adult, Christopher, traveling through life and overcoming obstacles he never thought he could. Specifics regarding topic: In my high school today myself along with other high school students overcome obstacles we could have never thought of our freshman year. At the beginning of our college prep four class, students learn that “college…

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  • Character Analysis Of Raymond Chandler's The High Window

    Raymond Chandler’s The High Window introduces Philip Marlowe as a private detective. Mrs. Murdock is in need of a private detective, and she heard Marlowe can get the job done. He is hired and his duty is to find Mrs. Murdock’s daughter-in-law, Linda, without anyone getting arrested. Linda has stolen one of the valuable coins that Mrs. Murdock’s deceased husband collected. Already the suspicion starts when Marlowe senses that Mrs. Murdock is not telling him the entire story; she doesn’t want her…

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  • Inspector Ghote Goes By Train: The Golden Age Of Detective Fiction

    Detective fiction is a sub genre of crime fiction and mystery fiction in which an investigator a detective—either professional, amateur or retired —investigates a crime, often a murder.In ancient literature some scholars have suggested that certain ancient and religious texts have similarities which what would later be called detective fiction. In the Old Testament story of Susanna and the Elders (the Protestant Bible locates this story within the apocrypha), the account told by two witnesses…

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  • Comparison Of Edgar Allen Poe And Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Writing Style

    There are two writers that have really sparked and changed the crime fiction genre and in my opinion there are few that have really impacted media and production films as much as Edgar Allen Poe and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Edgar Allen Poe was really the first major contributor to the genre and outside of this course, he was one of the only crime fiction writers that my school exposed me to. In this writing I will explore Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s writing style as well as Edgar Allen Poe’s writing…

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  • Comparison Of Detective Fiction In Poe And Doyle

    Introduction This paper is about the detective fiction in Poe and Doyle, comparing the most important and well-known characters Dupin and Holmes. In order to do this, the paper will be divided in four parts: the detective fiction in both authors, the analysis of Dupin and the analysis of Holmes. In order to understand this work, it will be observed first what detective fiction is. Detective fiction is a genre in which an investigator or a detective, professional or not, investigates a crime,…

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  • The Characters Of Men In The Alphabet Series By Kinsey Grafton

    Just like the world we live in today, detective fiction is a male dominated genre. Detectives are usually white males who solve dangerous crimes such as murder. If women are involved, they are usually characterized as damsels in distress or femme fatales. It is a man’s world; therefore, it is the sole responsibility of men to be the protectors. For centuries, we have lived in a patriarchal society and this mindset has influenced this genre significantly. Men are deemed better detectives because…

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