Criminal procedure

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  • Criminal Procedure To Affect An Arrest

    CRIMINAL PROCEDURE Assignment 1 1. The peace officer must be duly authorised by statute to arrest the suspect, with or without a warrant . In order to affect an arrest, the arrestor must exercise physical control over the arrestee . Except for situations where the arrestee submits to the control of the arrester, the arrester may affect the arrest by touching the person of the arrestee or detaining his person by force . The degree of force legally permitted in arresting or attempting to affect an arrest is provided for in section 49 of the Criminal Procedure Act . Either at the time of the arrest, or immediately after the arrest, the arrester must inform the arrestee of the reason for the arrest, or hand the arrestee a copy of the warrant…

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  • Criminal Procedure: The Cuban Adversarial System

    an investigation is launched and through that investigations, evidence is gathered. Once the police feel that they have collected enough evidence to prove a certain person or persons committed the crime, the evidence is taken to a prosecutor who decides whether or not to arrest the individual. Then, when the offender is arrested for a crime, they are afforded certain rights such as the right to counsel, right to remain silent, right to trial by jury, and right to bail. Not all cases make it…

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  • Criminal Procedure Code And Articles Of Qanun-E-Shahadat Order

    Confession The provisions of sections 164, 342 and 364 of the Criminal Procedure Code and articles 37 to 43 of Qanun-e-Shahadat Order, 1984 deals with confession. Section 164 deals with the recording of confession at any stage before the commencing of an enquiry or trial. Section 342 deals with the examination of accused persons during the course of the enquiry or trial. Section 364 prescribes the manner in which the examination of an accused person is to be recorded. Confession is not defined…

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  • The Importance Of Courts And Criminal Procedure

    Courts and Criminal Procedure Many of the prisons in the United States are overcrowded, understaffed, lack the necessary resources, and many are in disrepair. Even with the steadily declining crime rates of the past twenty years, many prisons are overcrowded (Kearney & Harris, 2014). African Americans are more likely to be sentenced to prison for the same type of crime committed as a Caucasian criminal. Laws at the state and federal levels are having a major impact on incarceration rates in…

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  • Rational Procedure In Criminal Investigations

    As the rational values of the Enlightenment era increasingly permeated society in the 18th century, criminal investigation became a more evidence-based, rational procedure − the use of torture to force confessions was curtailed, and belief in witchcraft and other powers of the occult largely ceased to influence the court's decisions. Two examples of English forensic science in individual legal proceedings demonstrate the increasing use of logic and procedure in criminal investigations at the…

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  • Criminal Trial Analysis

    Once the cross examination was done, the judge wanted a 15 minute recess. During the 15 minutes our class had an opportunity to talk to the judge, and ask him questions. The judge was a friendly, down to earth person, who like to joke around with everybody in the court. I never actually saw him put down anybody. The judge told us that he can not release too much information, because it was an ongoing trial. He also told us that there were over 6000 criminal cases, and most of them are not…

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  • Gideon Vs Wainwright Case Analysis

    court. Justice Black further wrote, “This noble idea cannot be realized if the poor man charged with crime has to face his accusers without a lawyer to assist him” (Gideon v. Wainwright (1963), Israel et al., p. 321). It should be argued, that while 50 years later the right to counsel is guaranteed by Gideon, due to a failed patchwork of indigent defender programs, a lack of financial support for defenders, and the sheer volume of arrest in this country, the right to counsel is often times…

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  • Openness Of Court Essay

    McLanchlin points out that there is the side-effect of competition among media business, which might evoke extreme reactions of misled public by the sensationalisation and distortion (2003). However, as long as the appropriate and various means of broadcasting could be employed in the open process, there would be a considerable progress in the civil society. A probative example is given by the Chinese court’s practice where the Weibo, a microblog, was first time adopted as the transmedia for…

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  • Whistleblower Protection Case Studies

    the Automobile Manufacture Integrity Act of 2014 (AMIA). Price was a contractor for Ford Motor Corporation (FMC). The primary focus of this case is the interpretation of the word “employee” in § 114(a)(1) of the AMIA and whether it includes contractors. Before analyzing the interpretation of the statute itself, it is crucial to consider whether Congress delegated authority to the Occupational Protection Administration (OPA) and if it followed necessary procedure during implementation. After…

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  • Election Night Selection

    If, however, nominations are re-opened on election night, it is recommended that the discussion of qualifications be limited to brief comments for the new nominee — no cons and no rebuttals. VI. Election Night Procedure Preparation for Election Night – A written ballot must be taken for every elected position, even if there is only one nominee. In this way, the secret written ballot allows every member the privilege of casting a write-in vote for an eligible member. Therefore, the Marshal…

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