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  • Science Fiction As A Literary Genre

    Science fiction as a literary genre has come a long way from Verne's search for the center of the earth and Wells' travel through time in his time machine. Contemporary science fiction is more willing to challenge the limits of possibilities and more eager to push the boundaries of human imagination. More importantly, science fiction often acts as a precursor to scientific thought, and forebodes new research; projects such as Google Glass can be traced to similar ideas presented much earlier in print fiction and other media. Science fiction thus consists not only of flights of idle fancy, but is in fact an indication of human endeavour to investigate new ways to enhance and improve the quality and duration of human life. An example of this…

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  • Game Of Thrones: Apocalyptic-Fiction Genre

    Game of Thrones is an ideal example of why the mass media is drawn to the apocalyptic-fiction genre and can be attributed to the connection between fiction and reality. Internally, within the mind, there is a psychological interest in endings and the end of the world. Externally, there is interest regarding historical events and personal religious beliefs. The apocalypse-fiction genre in modern media continues to become increasingly popular because many books and shows, such as George R.R.…

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  • Crime Fiction Tv Show Analysis

    Crime fiction television shows from different countries portray the contrasting values and cultural ideologies societies of differing nations possess. A nation’s context greatly influences the crime fiction programs that it creates; current events occurring within a country and the contemporary issues that they deal with all shape the shows they produce. The American drama “Breaking Bad”, England’s “Sherlock Holmes” as well as the Australian show “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries”, all demonstrate…

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  • The Importance Of Travel Writing

    travel writing piece when it is simply historically based and not based on personal experience, but whether it should be banned from the genre because of this is an altogether different discussion. Travel writing allows a reader to gain a deeper perspective into another culture usually from a firsthand account, allowing them a deeper understanding than might be gained on the internet or flipping through a travel magazine. As Jenny Diski so aptly points out in “Skating to Antarctica, “I…

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  • Essay On The Importance Of Poetry

    Literature is one of the most influential tools in history. Within the vast world of literature, there are many different genres of writing that can affect the world in varying ways. There are genres such as non-fiction, mystery, sci-fi, romance, etc. Yet there are great writers in history that would argue that another, much shorter type of literature can be seen as superior to these genres, and most certainly very important. This genre would be poetry, and many great poets such as Marianne…

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  • An American Girl In Munich Analysis

    Daniels?s sketch consisted otherwise of outwardly pretentious?in one way or another?men. Mabel Daniels distinguished herself as the first woman to study score reading at the Royal Conservatory in Munich where she also studied composition and voice. In this passage of fiction Daniels was likely relating her own experience of being the lone female in a man?s world. No doubt studying in Munich stimulated her imagination to project an image of exceptional success for herself as a woman. Daniels…

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  • Film Directors Style

    that if we did, it would be easier than what we’ve been doing. Woman: No more liquor stores? Man: What we’ve been talkin’ about? Yeah, no more liquored stores. The shots so far have been very simple, the characters are seen speaking from the side, and speaking alone individually in the shot. As the dialogue becomes more intense, close ups on the individuals speaking begin to increase. After some intense dialogue, the camera has gotten much closer to the man and woman, until finally they come to…

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  • Analysis Of A Tales Of Cinema, And Day By Hong Sang-Soo

    films are non-verbal with hallway and window shots. Hong Sang-Soo’s signature style appears to follow two major patterns: the feature of artists as characters, and the use of travel as excursions. The 2008 movie Night and Day depicts this nature adequately. In his previous movie, The Power of Kangwon Province (1998), is a great example of the style mentioned above as well as the style of essay film. Having been born in Korea, Hong pursued a degree in Arts in California and became one of the…

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  • Hamlet And Twelfth Night Analysis

    Themes are universal lessons and subjects in a piece of writing or book. Both Hamlet and the Twelfth Night have universal themes. The two plays teach valuable lessons throughout the actions going on. Readers are able to recognize themes throughout the plays based on the specific characteristics of each of the plays. The two books have some clear differences. The Twelfth Night was written in 1601 while Hamlet was written in 1599. The different times of being written can allow the reader to…

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  • American Sports Literature

    The roller-coaster chronicle of Roy Hobbs’s baseball career proved to be the first sports novel that commanded respect from literary critics and more significantly, established the subgenre of adult sports fiction. The story begins with the 19-year-old Roy, a superstar pitcher, en route to Chicago to begin his professional career. Unfortunately, Roy’s career is put on hold after a mysterious, obsessive, female fan shoots him in a hotel room. The novel then skips ahead 16 years, at which point…

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