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  • Fedex Swot Analysis Paper

    Federal Express (FedEx) was founded in 1971 and handles many package requests daily. In order for them to remain competitive they use their website to field questions received by customers on a daily basis. FedEx has managed to reduce cost by almost $2.00 using the website. Customers are still able to speak with a Customer Representative if questions are not easily answered on the website. FedEx has many strengths using the latest technologies offered. First, customers are able to get instant updates on their packages. Customers are able to schedule pick-ups at their convenience via the website, and have emails sent to them showing any updates. Because it is more cost effective using the website than calling a Representative the savings are past on in lower shipping costs. FedEx also offers a mobile application that can be downloaded to your smartphone and can be used anywhere. Customers are able to get tracking information this way without having a computer to log into. Second, FedEx uses ESRI technology (esritv, 2009) to track packages. ESRI technology is Geographical Mapping System that uses real-time Technologies. For example if a product is that is shipping is time critical, or Government sensitive material the ESRI system keeps FedEx up to date on where the driver is. The driver also has a monitor that shows where is next destination is, how long it will take for him to get there, and approximate time of arrival. If a driver is hijacked and the truck was…

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  • Business Analysis: The Uber Case

    unemployment insurance, financial and non-financial rewards. The company can imply the classical management theory on the drivers who are employees. For the second problem of being unable to unionize the solution is same as the first problem. The workers will be able to unionize when they are classified employees and only then can they use their collective bargaining power to negotiate with the employers. The last problem about no privacy protections it is stated in the article that “when these…

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  • Marketing Model Of Periscope

    expect those communications. Will they need tools from you to work together, like files or software? Proximity marketing Proximity marketing is based on geo-location, which uses the built-in GPS within mobile devices to show where the device is located. This is a growing area for marketing, as businesses learn to pitch deals to consumers when they are closeby their shops or restaurants. Think a cupcake shop might be more successful if it sends out coupons as people are driving by…

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  • Summary Of Rnl's Recruitment Strategy

    nonprofits. The text-to-give campaigns, online giving, as well as the creation of easy mobile giving pages and apps that are made available on cell phones is a trend that can be exploited as well (Hall, 2015). The third question seems similar to the second but does not ask what can be done, rather what is being done to bolster RNL's portfolio to support ever-changing client needs. The research conducted on RNL current offerings show at least two types of products and services - one that can…

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  • The History Of Passwords

    sacrifices user convenience and efficiency due to the additional step and the potential need for a user’s location, patterns of speech, DNA, or secondary device information (Rosenblatt). To be more secure, organizations might find it beneficial to use two-factor identification instead of changing verification methods. When it comes to alternatives to passwords such as fingerprint or retina verification, requiring users to change the way they log in might be problematic, especially for older or…

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  • Case Study: Bond Intelligent Care

    Impacts This rests mostly on the individual employee(s) who have access to both databases, but the individual is likely to be motivated by the needs or wants of the organization. The organization must also promote a culture that discourage this questionable behavior to avoid potential lawsuits or legal issues. On the societal level, a breach of trust would be yet another in the many breaches of trust regarding user data and would continue to foster a distrust toward data collection. Location and…

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  • Girls Around Me Research Paper

    Girls Around Me is a standard geolocation based maps app, similar to any other app that attempts to alert you to things of interest in your immediate vicinity. When you load it up, the first thing Girls Around Me does is figure out where you are and load up a Google Map centered on your location. In the top left corner, there 's a button that looks like a radar display, and on the bottom left is a button that allows you to specify between whether you 're interested in women, men or both. When…

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  • Smarter Than You Think Analysis

    In chapter two, he talks about using technologies to record our daily life so one day we can look back to those moments we might forget. Our brain sometimes forget the little events we experienced from time to time, but with the new technology such as SenseCam, geolocation check-in apps, archived emails, “could prompt so many memories” that allow us to remember events in the past. Technology is great, but it not perfect like we expected it to be. For example, the problem with life loggers is…

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  • The Hewlett-Packard Company Analysis

    Geolocation technology can also be used as a networking or contact management tool to find sales prospects based on location. The CRM Market The four main suppliers of CRM systems are salesforce, Microsoft, SAP and Oracle. Other providers are popular among small- to mid-businesses, but these four tend to be the choice of large companies. (Customer relationship management, 2016) On-premises CRM puts the responsibility of administration, control, security and maintenance of the database and…

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  • Nike + Run Club Analysis

    languages, which overcomes the significant barrier to reach a broader user group. NRC is inclusive with no age, ethnicity or gender restrictions, yet still allows users to preserve and create self-representation. When first launching the NRC app, the welcome interface includes graphic designed slideshows, brief introductions and two buttons which are labeled ‘join now’ and ‘log in’. The user may choose to register with Facebook or to fill in a form of personal information such as email,…

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