Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

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  • Feminism In Anita Loos's 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes'

    To most, Anita Loos’ Gentlemen Prefer Blondes would not be considered a feminist text. The main characters, Lorelei and Dorothy, seem to be characterized as typical women in the 1920’s. Lorelei can almost be seen as a superficial character who will only marry a man for his money, and Dorothy, is the type of girl who would settle for any attractive man. However, feminism is defined as the belief of equality of the genders, that both men and women should have the same rights and equal opportunities. As the story progresses, and as we learn more about the characters, the story does end up having a feministic theme. The 1953 film adaptation of Loos’ story definitely enhances and adds to this theme as well. The feminism of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes…

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  • Margaret Atwood's Marilyn Monroe: The Icon

    Twentieth Century-Fox who used his influence to give Marilyn a contract at Columbia Pictures. Marilyn’s time as an actress for the backstage ended later as she was recognized for her considerable talent. With the building of the iconic sex symbol coming to a peak, Marilyn became noticed and was put into major roles in different cinemas. “By the 1950’s, she was given the opportunity to appear in more challenging roles,” and here Marilyn began her climb to major stardom (Super 636) . Her…

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  • Stereotypes: The Role Of Discrimination In Social Groups

    female student with blonde hair in her class will be uneducated. In return the teacher gives that particular student negative attention, in results causing a poor academic performance from the student. Therefore, the teacher will believe that the female student with blonde hair is uneducated. Due to the negative attention giving to this student, the student performed poorly academically, not because the student presented as a blond hair female. Also, due to this poor academic performance of the…

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  • Hale's Hollow Narrative

    longer worth it, I turned to face him. As he approached, I noted his long blonde hair and blue eyes. His face was too pail, and there didn’t seem to be any dust on his green shirt or black slacks. Where did I know this man? As he approached me he said, “It is you.” At the sound of his voice I recoiled. The feeling of a whip on my back and needles in my arms, drew me far from this place. Though the flash only lasted a moment it was time enough for the blonde man to approach only an arm…

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  • Personal Narrative: Flashback

    Flashback: Pearls and feathers, bobs and glamour! Reality: I was sitting at the very back of my poor excuse of a high school’s plain old, bland “English 4” class in Levi mom jeans, a cropped top, and Chuck Taylors; except I wasn’t. I wasn’t at all. (Take One): Pouncing upon my sister’s Macbook Air, I was on a written escapade away from the Upper West Side’s public school nightmare and, instead, running up and down the catwalk at New York’s Couture’s 1956 Fashion Show! In a riveting, platinum…

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  • Legally Blonde Analysis

    The movie Legally Blonde is seen as a “girl power” movement because of a naive sorority girl, Elle Woods, who makes her way to law school, wins a big murder case and gets her man. No one believes in her, in fact, her boyfriend dumped her to be with someone with more brains, but she proves him wrong. She is able to prove everyone wrong while still maintaining her femininity. What the film shows on the surface is very different from what it depicts when you take a closer look. One may think that…

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  • Character Analysis Of Saving Face By Vivian Shing

    It is never too late to fall in love for the first time in your life. I could not help myself ,but think of the Facts of Life theme song after seeing the new romantic comedy/drama movie Saving Face. Saving Face is a 2004 movie directed by, Alice Wu, is about an American theatrical release featuring an Asian American lesbian couple. One character that stands out in the story is, Vivian Shing, (Lynn Chen) because, Vivian Shing, is a typical boy-meets-girl, boy-gets-girl, boy-loses-girl,…

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  • Gender Stereotypes In The Movie Legally Blonde

    Legally Blonde (Kidney, Platt & Luketic, 2001) follows a young woman, Elle Woods as she tries to win her boyfriend back. When we meet Elle, she is a sorority girl who recently graduated with a 4.0 QCA in fashion. She believes her boyfriend; Warner Huntington III is going to purpose. Unfortunately, he breaks up with her as he doesn’t think she is appropriate for his lifestyle when he’s tries to pursue his political goals. In order to try and prove to Warner she is intelligent enough, she enrols…

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  • Elle Woods

    Jacqueline Corley WGSS 365 Professor Kar 11 December 2015 Final Paper The movie I chose to watch was Legally Blonde Elle Woods is an incredibly girly and popular sorority girl fashion major at a university in LA who gets dumped by her boyfriend Warner, so he can “stop dicking around” and date someone “smart” before he goes to law school at Harvard. In order to prove her seriousness and commitment to education, she applies to Harvard and gets in. Everyone believes her to be a misguided dumb…

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  • Legally Blonde: Movie Analysis

    At first glance, we see Elle Woods and we think that she is just a stereotypical blonde, who only thinks about her looks, what she wears, and when she is going to get married, but Legally Blonde does a great job showing how a woman can still look good while still being a strong and independent woman. Legally Blonde is a movie about a college woman that was majoring in fashion until her boyfriend breaks up with her and then she decides she is going to Harvard Law and become a lawyer. Legally…

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