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  • Four Genres Of Literature

    1. Compare at least 4 of the following genres: The four genres I chose to compare are: Nonfiction – You can read nonfiction stories in just about anything. This can be reading a magazine, a book, articles in a newspaper, or reading something on the internet. Nonfiction is written about topics that are real and are based on actual facts and information. Biography- A biography is a true and detailed description about someone’s life and is usually written by someone else. It includes an account of the series of events during the person’s life. This book will include information about their life and things that have happened during their lifetime. Biographies can be written about any one from a teacher to a war hero to a celebrity.…

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  • Film: An Analysis Of The Movie Genre

    in our lifestyle. Most people who go to the movies never consider the genre of the film they may be watching or have watched formerly, they certainly strive to enjoy themselves. However the screenplay writers need to understand…

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  • Film Bodies: Gender, Genre And Excess By Linda Williams

    The article, ‘Film Bodies: Gender, Genre & Excess’1 by Linda Williams explores whether the forms of sex, violence and emotion found in the genres of pornography, horror, and melodrama (specifically the woman’s weepie) respectively, are as gratuitous as my film scholars and critics believe them to be. Setting out to disprove this idea, Williams’ investigates and compares the form, function, and system of the three genres. Ultimately, William’s central claims reveal the value in the supposed…

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  • Most Popular Film Genre

    Films can cause an array of emotions to stir up within a person. The many different genres of film can allow a person to choose what they want to feel while watching. The most popular film genre when searched is comedy. Within that there can be romantic comedy, action comedy, suspenseful comedy and more. The number of films that one can enjoy is endless. Each genre contains a handful of emotions that the viewer will be feeling. The genre that can be described as both loved and hated is the…

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  • Casablanca Genre Analysis Essay

    Casablanca is a classic film released in 1942 at the start of World War II and went on to become a large successus. Its remembered as being a romance drama war film. But why is this? Before discussing what genre umbrella Casablanca falls into, one must comprehend what a genre is, and the classifications of the different genres. Is the genre of a film based the subject matter and content or is it based on the effect it has on the audience? A film genre is a film category. It is recognized as a…

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  • Genre Analysis Of The Movie 'The Shining'

    Emery Goss Laura Mclister English 1030 February 12, 2017 Genre Analysis The movie that I chose for my genre analysis was a horror classic, The Shining. The film was made in the year 1980, starring Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrance, Shelly Duvall as Wendy Torrance, and Danny Lloyd as Danny Torrance. The film was directed by Stanley Kubrick and screen written by Stanley Kubrick and Diane Johnson. Critics originally poorly reviewed the film, however with time the film became a classic. The film…

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  • The Zombie Genre

    2011, p. 10; Farghaly 2014, p. 8; Platts 2013, p. 549). It is a product of the supernatural, combined with a vague applied science of pharmacology (Farghaly 2014, p. 9). Here, we shall examine the cinematic (North American) version of zombie which is vastly different from its Haitian predecessor. From its humble beginning as a subculture confined to cult classic movies, to its eventual branching out to video games and graphic novels. As well as how the contemporary zombie genre served as an…

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  • Screwball Genre

    Keeping The Faith To The Screwball Genre? The screwball comedy genre was first popularized in the 1930s and considered one of the most successful genres. The genre typically follows two characters, one of which is a screwball and the other is a more serious character. The genre also involves a romance between two characters. The relationship is defined by the women being in a position of control and usually involved some sort of pretending or a lie. The actors are often fast talking and witty.…

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  • Bestiary Genre

    The bestiary genre has existed for centuries, introducing and entertaining its readers with compilations of both stories and facts about creatures who are familiar, unfamiliar, real, and imaginary. In some aspects, Henderson’s The Book of Barely Imagined Beings, a 21st century bestiary, is no different, since it still incorporates beasts ranging from the fire-defying salamander to the intelligent macaque. However, in other ways, this bestiary diverges from previous ones. Henderson’s bestiary…

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  • A Genre Analysis

    developed, The narrative of the stories is being developed as well. There are more details and conventions, not only playing images one by one without any description. The conventions of the story refer to a genre. Genre benefits all producers, distributors and audiences. The audiences choose to consume the film by individual favourite genre, as well as, the producers and distributors can approach to the targeted audience. Besides, mass audience is typically targeted by Blockbuster films…

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