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  • Informative Speech On Geocaching

    Introduction Good afternoon, I am here today to tell you a little bit about an exciting activity called geocaching and hopefully inspire you to give it a try. Geocaching almost a kind of modern day treasure hunting, but instead of a paper map, you use technology to help you find your way. It is a hobby that is interesting to a wide variety of people because of all it has to offer. Geocaching attracts people who like the outdoors, socializing, exercise, travel, exploring, technology, math, and puzzle solving. Before I began my research I was interested in this activity and I thought I already knew a lot about it. What I found while preparing this speech was surprising and made me want to participate even more. Body What is geocaching? In a nutshell,…

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  • Geocaching Research Paper

    Aljane B., Katiana P., Ashley H., Jessica T. TIM 302-002 Geocaching Paper Introduction Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunt game that uses Global Positioning System (GPS) enabled devices to help participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates to find the geocache that is hidden at the location.( A geocache is a container of different sizes ranging from nano to large that contains a log sheet and different items that are left from visitors. The…

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  • Case Study Of Crawford's Ethical Dilemma

    Archaeological looters may target these sites and destroy them for their valuable artifacts. Removing these artifacts and destroying the sites would not allow archaeologist to get a good idea of the site such as how it was used and what items were used at the site. Some looting may be accidental. An example of this is a traveler who wants to remember the serenity of the site by taking a small piece of pottery. With every small piece taken by other fellow travelers who have visited the site, this…

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  • Sawgrass Research Paper

    Sawgrass is a super sharp plant that looks just like soft grass. That little fact will be important. Remember it. When we got to the waterfall, we soon realized it was freezing cold water that you couldn’t swim in without catching hypothermia. My dad was recently getting into geocaching and he found out that at the top of the waterfall there was a cute little geocache. So naturally, I had to go with him and a couple of my cousins to go and find it. When we were almost to the top after a long…

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  • Wanderlust By Walt Whitm Poem Analysis

    relaxing sounds of a shoreline. It’s the best of both worlds! Speaking of colors, you will never understand how there could be so many of them swimming across this park. I plan to go in the early Fall, of course, and you should too. Right before it gets cold would be the perfect time to see the leaves change and to the feel the brisk breeze of summer’s end. Everglades This National Park is the largest subtropical area that houses such diverse creatures and blends with the Caribbean tropics to…

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  • Importance Of Experiential Learning

    refers to organized learning that takes place outdoors. The outdoor education programs sometimes involve experiences in residential or wilderness environment in which students participate in a variety of adventurous challenges and outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing and canoeing. The John Muir Award is an organization that encourages and offers outdoor learning opportunities. The outdoor education is based on the philosophy, theory and practice of experiential education and environmental…

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  • Longshore Drift Effects

    waves break at an angle to the shoreline therefore moving sand along the beach on a diagonal direction The waves hit the beach at an angle (swash) and then retreat (backwash) an angle If the wave is constructive, sediment will be added onto the beach If the wave is destructive, sediment will be carried away from the beach and into the sea forming a sand bar. On Palm Beach the wind direction was South East and the direction of marine sediment was in a south-east direction, this was shown…

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  • Lake Of The Lake Analysis

    The highlights of this feature include geocaching, hiking, paddling, and other wilderness activities. The above images show the Lake of the Woods. The Lake of the Woods is a lake that occupy's parts of Manitoba, Ontario and the state of Minnesota. When the last ice age ended and the glaciers retreated, the basin of water that is known as the Lake of the Woods was left over. The water from the lake flows into smaller rivers but mostly is is a still body of water. The Lake of the Woods in known…

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