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  • Quaternary Climate Change Essay

    Introduction Quaternary climatic changes and tectonic processes have a strong influence on the evolution and preservation of the geomorphology of the eastern North Island of New Zealand. This essay will discuss the broad context of Quaternary environmental change and tectonics in the eastern North Island of New Zealand and then will examine how both these concepts influence the geomorphology, whether affecting separate aspects of the landscape or combining and working together. Examples of contemporary processes will be discussed; these include fluvial terraces, the axial ranges, Lake Tutira, and the tectonic setting of Hawke’s Bay. Quaternary Climate Change Quaternary climate change is one factor that has played a strong influence in the…

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  • Crosscution Standards

    To understand the depth of the standard above we must address the three main components that form the standard: Science and Engineering Practices, Disciplinary Core Ideas, and Crosscutting Concepts. The standard in this context applies to a fourth grade unit on earth 's systems, and more specifically: soils, rocks, and landforms. The disciplinary core ideas that this standard is addressing exist in two parts, ESS2.A which focuses on rainfall shaping the land and the movement of sediments…

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  • Mass Wasting: Slope Movement Or Mass Movement

    Mass wasting, also known as slope movement or mass movement, is the geomorphic process by which soil, sand, regolith, and rock move downslope typically as a mass, largely under the force of gravity, but frequently affected by water and water content as in submarine environments and mudslides When the gravitational force acting on a slope exceeds its resisting force, slope failure (mass wasting) occurs. The slope material's strength and cohesion and the amount of internal friction between…

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  • Mudboil Essay

    Results: In Tully Valley, the mudboils are where pressurized groundwater flows up through a restricting layer of silt, clay and fine sand. Mudboils usually take place in subduction zones of the Earth. The mudboil causes the land surface to slowly decline and the erosion of suspended sediment which creates a sequence of concentric ring fractures around the discharging mudboil. Mudboils are driven by pressurized groundwater, geothermic heat, and gases. As a consequence, the mudboils…

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  • Cost Paths Analysis Essay

    Figure 1 below illustrates the predicted route of the track as identified during the least cost paths analysis. The four parts of the route are shown: Punakiki to the ventilation shaft; shaft to the mine portal (lookout point); portal to the amenities area; and the ventilation shaft to Blackball. The results clearly illustrate it is possible to use cost paths modelling to identify a track. However, further assessment will be necessary around the aesthetic value of the track, to assess whether it…

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  • The Importance Of Regolith In West Africa

    Although the regolith represents an important economic resource (Wright et al., 1985; Taylor and Eggleton, 2001), it also acts as a hindrance to exploration for mineral deposits under cover (Anand, 2016; Salama et al., 2016) and geological mapping in general. The term regolith refers to all of the weathered and/or unconsolidated material from basement rock to earth surface including interbedded fresh rocks (Taylor and Eggleton, 2001). Tardy (1997) estimates that nearly one third of the area of…

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  • Book Summary: The Journey To Nowhere

    The Journey to Nowhere The humid lands of Africa make a hard area to travel, but to run away girls, from the Maletrism of dominant males, it makes a perfect get away. The two decided to run from their dominant husband, for they were tired of the way that he treated his wives. They both knew the night that they could even try to run away. The day was Sunday when the husband would go into town to have a good time with women not of his household. Jamal, the younger of the two at the age of…

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  • Anthropology Case Study Essay

    Background The eastern side of the North Island relies on rainfall from cold fronts, which causes irregular patterns including moisture deficiencies and extreme conditions of temperature (Garnier, 1958). Garnier (1958) has found that the mountain ranges have formed a climatic barrier separating the west and east and resulting in the different climates and geomorphology: the Tararua range; the Ruahine; the Kaimanawa; and the Ruakamara Mountains (Garnier, 1958). The eastern north island, New…

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  • How Did Edward Morris Davis Contribute To Anthropology

    meteorological observatory in Argentina and then returned to Harvard to study geology and physical geography. In 1878, he was appointed as an instructor in physical geography at Harvard and by 1885 became a full professor (Daly 1944). Davis contributed in the field of physical geography and geomorphology, not only that he also helped to establish geography as an academic discipline in America that is why he is also called “Father of American Geography”. Davis brought geographers together…

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  • Estimation Of Annual Average Soil Loss, Based On Parasta, Maharashtra, India

    deposition because of high amount of soil erosion brought from the upper streams of the watershed and also adverse effects on the aquatic ecosystem. Thus, assessment of soil loss and identification of vulnerable area for better implementation of watershed management practice is the major way to successful conservation of soil and water resource ecosystems in study region. Appropriate modeling can provide quantitative information about current scenario of erosion, its trends and allow further…

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