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  • Seinfeld And Non Action: The Philosophy Of Nothing Essay

    one great philosophy about nothing, Daoism would be it. One of the key aspects of Daoism is to act upon one’s natural way. In Seinfeld, George Costanza is a late 30’s Brooklyn native whose past occupations include bra salesman, hand model, and industrial smoother. As a self-described “Lord of the Idiots”, George often finds himself in situations only a balding single neurotic man living with his parents could. Because of this neurosis, in “The Opposite”, George decides to do the opposite of everything he would think to do. This results in him causing a scene at a movie theatre, talking bold words at a job interview then getting hired, and talking to a woman he had a slim chance with, then having a date with her. By George doing all of these things, good fortune arrives in his life. One might believe that by doing the opposite, Costanza is breaking a fundamental pillar of Daoism. However, if analyzed carefully, what George was doing before was silencing his natural way. If there are rowdy people causing a scene at a movie theatre, one’s natural instinct, if provoked, is to yell at the rowdy theatre goers. The words he spoke at a job interview were his genuine thoughts that he wanted to share with the company. If an attractive woman looks at someone, it is their natural instinct to approach and talk to her. Just like all of the other cases, George let go of his neurotic tendencies and approached the woman. These examples share wisdom of how following wu wei, or non action, is…

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  • XI The Black Shoes Bitterfield Summary

    XI, The black shoes: Bitterfield 1935. A mother is peeling potatoes while the daughter is doing her homework in a working-class flat. The daughter ask the mother if she could have two pfennings for the week. This way she can make the trip to the country because her teacher said Hitler wants the town people to get closer with the farmers. The mother does not have the money but said she will try. The daughter starts to help her peel potatoes when she ask her if she has to wear the old black shoes…

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  • Examples Of Overthink In Hamlet

    Hamlet is one of Shakespeare’s most honoured and well known pieces of literature that has been studied by many. There is a depth to Hamlet which has caused so many different ways to view and argue the characters and the overthinking in which the book revolves around. The storyline of Hamlet follows a vein of over thinking that begins with the betrayal of his Uncle Claudius when he secretly murders Hamlet’s father – the King of Denmark- then marries Hamlet’s mother and becomes king himself. As…

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  • Influential Factors In Rameck's The Pact

    Although George, Rameck, and Sam experienced different childhood 's, faith brought them together to defeat the streets. George and Sam met in seventh grade and realized they had the same interests while Rameck entered their lives Junior year of high school. They all enrolled into the University High School, which is a school that required an admission test. Due to all three men being exceptionally smart, they passed the test. Soon, their friendship would alter the course of one another’s lives.…

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  • Ginny Short Story

    Ginny slipped her hand into the folds of her dresses. There she had hidden four things from which she would draw her strength. She wrapped her hand around each of them, making sure they were still there. They were her last ties to her old life. The life where she bore the named Ginny Miller, instead of Virginia Kline. The first item was a pearl necklace that Blithe had given her on her fifteenth birthday. It was a tradition that the necklace be passed down to the next sister on her…

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  • A Doll's House Nora Character Analysis

    “A Doll’s House” by Henrik Ibsen is a wonderful play, where Nora Helmer is the central and the most significant character of the play. Her role as a woman barely revealed in the act as she is like an immature kid. Her role as a wife is predictable by her husband Torvald Helmer. She is a playful and childish mother. Her position and role in the acts can be compared to a doll which is controlled by her husband. Because of Helmer’s over pampering Nora’s character and self-image get affected for…

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  • Compare World War I To The 1920's

    World War I is a special time in history that was known for the soldiers and how they contributed to the war, although that was a large part, it was much more than that. It was an important time for change for everyone especially women. World War I to the 1920s was a critical time for the history of women’s rights; it changed society’s views about women and their rights, their role in society, as well as many rights they obtained throughout the time era. Society’s views on women were always…

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  • Of Mice And Men: The Relationships In OMAM And AIC

    Introduction: The relationships in OMAM and AIC shape the stories they tell. Although very different in settings and in characters, the similarities are clearly there. Some characters are significantly changed by the events that take place; others are completely unmoved. In Of Mice and Men, Lennie does anything George does, he follows him everywhere he goes, and he is more likely to be his shadow. This is shown in the quote “They had walked in a single file down the path…Both were dress in a…

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  • Importance Of Core Values

    The Friedman’s chapter “Clarify What’s Important to You” brings up this idea of personal core values. Values are beliefs that guide and direct one’s behavior. Every individual has a set of values that “ determine your actions as a leader and how you view the world around you. Acquiring multiple core values is crucial considering values establish behavior, actions, and decisions. Additionally, these values correlate with one another and demonstrate each individual’s potential as leaders. Based on…

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  • Female Gothic Sub-Genre Analysis

    Looking for a Drama filled, love story with an unexpected twist and a happy ending? This could be the right choice for you. But, it will defiantly be a different type of Drama. This episode of the American Horror Story show can be considered to have a Female Gothic sub-genre. The Female Gothic sub-genre deals with women’s transition from an adolescent to adulthood and or post traumatic depression after child birth. This sub-genre has many conventions like a male heroine, Victorian homes,…

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