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  • Halloween: A Fictional Narrative

    just read and study instead of going around the neighborhood instead of going with me?“ “I like Halloween. It’s fascinating isn't it, Jerry?“ Tom asked. “It sure is!“ Jerry exclaims. Then, they kept talking until… “Hey, where are we?“ Brandon says. “I don't know, but I see a house nearby. We can ask for directions,“ Tom told them. They rushed to the front porch of the house. “It…

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  • Descriptive Essay: Working At Mckinley High School

    I walked with stiff pie-encrusted legs. I was on my way to work from McKinley high school. The scene of the crime, where the miniature cherry pie took flight from Jessica Rabanne's lunch tray (and landed on my favorite jeans) to even further deepen my hatred for that lip-gloss-wearing beast. Now, I wouldn’t be so salty if she had apologized instead of complaining about the fact that her pie came into contact with my thigh. As tragic as it was, I didn’t have time to go home and change after…

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  • Short Story Contents Of A Dead Man's Pocket

    Life’s events can cause us to change our priorities. For instance, if you were diagnosed with cancer, it can change your life physically and mentally. It changes how you look at life now knowing that one day, you will no longer walk on the Earth, unless there was a cure. In the short story, Contents of a Dead Man’s Pocket, Tom had many priorities in which changed at the end. In the beginning of the story, Tom has to make a decision on whether to go to the movies with his wife or stay at home…

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  • A Very Old Man With Wings Analysis

    In the story of a very old man with wings An old guy basically falls out of the sky and a woman and husband kind of use his wings as a thought that he will be bring them good luck and fortune. The wife and husband tie him up in there chicken coop and charge the townspeople to see this new attraction. I believe the people in the story did not want to believe maybe this could be an angel because then they would have to think about maybe my life is a whole lie and there really are angels and it…

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  • All Souls Morning Poem Analysis

    All Souls’ Morning All Souls’ Morning by Eamon Grennan is a melancholy poem, reflecting on love and the bonds of different relationships such as man and his wife, or a person and their dog, but tempering that by exploring the themes through the bitter sweet memory of deceased loved ones. The poem encompasses ideas about the routine nature of life, using the cyclical structure of the poem as a physical representation of the many cycles of life, the poem beginning in a warmer, domestic scene…

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  • Literary Analysis: Happy Endings, By Margaret Atwood

    IRU #1 Method Element: In the short story, “Happy Endings” by Margaret Atwood, an element that is important to the story is exact repetition. At the end of the short story, it states, “The only authentic ending is the one provided here: John and Mary die. John and Mary die. John and Mary die” (F. 291). This demonstrates that Atwood was trying to convey that no matter what happens in life, death is always inevitable. The story is a life lesson to tell readers to make the most of their precious…

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  • Seinfeld Political Correctness

    Seinfeld tells a narrative in the beginning of his argument that utilizes concrete language to capture the attention of his audience. Once at a show, he was poking fun at the way people scroll through their phone like a “gay French king.”. He claims, “comedy is where you can feel an opinion,” and the audience did not react positively to his homosexual joke (“Jerry Seinfeld is…”). Seinfeld believes he should not have to apologize for an observation he has made, and that there is “a creepy PC…

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  • Movie Analysis: The Rear Window

    The brilliantly written Rear Window has drawn many insights from the analysis of the perception of the human mind and the hidden realism of everyday life. Set in the 1950 's we meet an active Photographer known as Jeff, that has been confined to his wheelchair because of a broken leg, which only always him move from his bed to the window. In doing this he notices the daily routine of his surrounding neighbors from their rear window. Nevertheless, the Rear Window was not only introduced as a…

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  • Bee Movie Content Analysis

    With the invention of the Internet has come with the creation of a whole new way people express their creativity. A common form of expression on the internet is through the use of fan made content, including things such as fan fiction and memes. In recent months, the 2007 animated film Bee Movie has received much attention on the internet through the use of this fan made content, in particular memes. Many of these memes are about making the film seem even more absurd through editing the film or…

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  • Shout By Dagoberto Gff Summary

    Dagoberto Gilb’s short story “Shout” addresses the idea of a life full of struggle. It begins with a guy struggling to open the door to his house. After moving to the states from Mexico, losing his old job, and losing the duplex apartment that they had lived in for years, they had to keep the door locked on their new apartment because they didn’t want the baby to get out into the bad neighborhood they now live in. From here the day just got worse, he had been working all day and was hot and…

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