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  • Jersey Shore Neoliberalism Analysis

    by in the MTV reality series Jersey Shore, which follows the lives of a co-ed group of individuals who live together in a house on the New Jersey Shoreline (Sherry & Martin, 2014, p. 1273, 1279). This series, which began in 2009, quickly gained prominence in pop culture. “Jersey Shore: Part Fantasy, Part Train Wreck, Cloaked in Neoliberalism” by Mark Sherry and Katie Martin explores the aspects of the Jersey Shore that attribute to the show’s success. Sherry and Martin (2014) argue that a “neoliberal hedonistic lifestyle” - a lifestyle that thrives on individual freedom and the pursuit of pleasure - acts as the platform of Jersey Shore and led to this series’ widespread consumption by Americans (p. 1271). More specifically, this reality show’s strong reception is due to how the series was “framed within a discourse of stylized and commodified…

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  • Personal Narrative: How Much Do You Love Checkers Mate

    the time I was watching Pans Labyrinth i knew it was a good movie. I left the credits music running over and over as a pondered about the movie. As it turns out, the rest of the world appreciated that movie as much as me and probably even more. It propelled into one of the most famous movies ever made. Anyway, as much as I admire the artwork on this mans chin for a movie, it would not be wise at all in real life. Let 's hope he is already married to a wonderful woman and has the white picket…

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  • Reality TV Show: Jersey Shore

    socially awkward, but brilliant anthropologist, believes that reality television show “Jersey Shore” is actually a documentary about a tribe called “Guidos”. Although she is mistaken about the genre of that show, her assumptions about their language and customs is not far off. Using the same observation methods, future anthropologists might conclude that the basic human need for entertainment hasn’t changed since gladiator games in Rome, and that people are willing to do anything for money.…

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  • St. Petes Beach Analysis

    St. Pete’s Beach Since the origins of humanity, people have thought of the beach as a way to relax and make memories. But in my mind, one beach stands tall above all of the others. St. Pete’s beach in St. Petersburg, Florida, is the most magnificent place that anyone could ever hope to go. Although it is not often thought of as a primary vacation spot, I believe this marvelous beach has helped to develop my identity into who I am today. The mesmerizing silvery sand; the dreamy sea its own…

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  • Portrayes And Mistress Shore In Shakespeare's Richard III

    Mistress Shore is one of the most important characters in Shakespeare 's play Richard III, even though she doesn’t show up at all in the play. Without Mistress Shore, much of the play up unto this point would not develop the way it is with her, in fact without her as a plot device, there would be no Richard III because she is what allows for the jailing and death of Hastings, as well as the incrimination of the queen later on in the play and even the development of Richard as a character he is. …

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  • Rio De Chicago Research Paper

    Rio de Janeiro is one of the most vibrant and lively cities in the world. It is admired for its beaches, warm, tropical climate and for the beautiful sights. All these contribute to a perfect holiday in Rio. But to be able to enjoy everything Rio has to offer, a couple of days are required, so you are advised to book holiday apartments Rio, to have enough time to do a bit of everything and to feel the vibe of the culture. Many tourists choose to visit Rio de Janeiro just to get a peek of the…

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  • Descriptive Essay On New Jersey

    When someone mentions New Jersey, what do you envision? Many have called it the “armpit of America” or refer to it as “Dirty Jersey”. My home state of New Jersey is none of those and I want to share with you the “real” New Jersey as opposed to the New Jersey that is often represented by the media. New Jersey usually comes across as being filled with a bunch of Jersey Shore people who don’t pump their own gas, but in reality it has a family rich environment, especially in my hometown of…

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  • Essay On New Jersey

    New Jersey is the greatest state in America. This has nothing to do with the fact that I have lived in New Jersey my whole life; I make this claim strictly with objectivity and fact based arguments. The diverse, and densely populated state is home to a bevy of attractive and titillating features. Historically, culturally, scenically, New Jersey is without equal. Conventional wisdom of New Jersey’s ails are not grounded in reality. New Jersey is called “The Garden State” for a reason, as despite…

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  • Media Literacy: The Negative Impact Of Social Media

    Americans solely because of their race. This negative prediction can also go towards African Americans. It portrays them as just killing police officers and that they are bad people. The media manipulates what we see and can affect our ideals greatly. When it comes to sexual behavior, the media can impact as well. An example of this is the Jersey Shore. Sexual talk and behaviors are depicted in 77% of primary T.V programs, especially popular with younger audiences. The problem with this is that…

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  • New Jersey Informative Speech

    Nithin Information Writing Welcome to New Jersey, The Garden state: Does going to modern and historical places make you excited? No? Do you like blueberries fresh from the farm? Then New Jersey is for you. Fantastic places to see, historical battles, events to keep alive, and inventions that changed life in the globe. This is New Jersey, another fantastic destination. Cozy and high action attractions in New Jersey: New Jersey has some fantastic places. For example, If you like the ocean,…

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