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  • Personal Narrative: Broken Leg

    My brother,Alex, and me were on the dock checking on the fishing poles they had set out. We reeled all the poles in because we were getting ready to go jet skiing. There was nothing on the poles. We went back up to the condo that we were staying in and changed into our swimming trunks.We waited about a half an hour for our parents to get ready. While we waited we watched golf. It was probably the most boring half hour of my life.…

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  • Personal Narrative: Jet Skis

    year of 2012.My cousin,my sisters, and I were going to ride some jet skis. “The jet skis look beautiful,”my cousin said. We had my stand up jet ski and three sit on jet skis.We rode and rode, which seemed like forever , but we had a lot of fun riding.Eventually we stopped and ate some delicious hamburgers. “Those hamburgers really hit the spot,” my sister said. when we left we decided that my cousins and sisters would make waves and I would jump them and do flips. My sisters hollered,…

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  • Knowing Our Place Analysis

    trees, and the smell of fresh river water; that water flowing just outside the house, in the backyard, is the beautiful Pend Oreille River. Outside of the house is three docks lined up against the water’s edge. Each dock has a different water vehicle or float attached to it; a white boat with stripes the color of wine, three jet skis with decals with colors and shapes that would make you feel like you were back in the nineties, smack or canoes and paddle boards. Just south from this family…

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  • Descriptive Vacation

    For example, when I visit Santa Cruz I do not dare to go in the water because it is numbingly cold, but in Mexico the water is enjoyable at a lukewarm temperature. The stairway leading down to the beach felt like a mile long, but it was worth it once we got down. There was not much room to stand if not in the water; the tide came right up to the first step of the stairs. Since the waves slammed up against the big rocky cliff, it would drag down many small rocks onto the sand that made it painful…

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  • John H. Johnson: Most Influential African-American Activist

    John H Johnson was one of the most influential African-American historian that I've ever studied because he started his own company in a black community full of poverty which was often invaded by white supremacists. In his magazine, he supported black civil rights leaders by writing about the struggle for the children and businesses. Though he grew up in poverty, he tried very hard to get a good education this lead him to write and read extremely well. He started Jet magazine with a 500 dollar…

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  • Personal Narrative: The First Day Of Skiing

    were shopping we saw many vagrants on the streets that were in need of food and a permanent shelter. When we got back we checked into our room and then went to the equipment checkout area in the hotel and got our skis. When I woke up that next morning, I got on all my gear and went down to the lobby and met up with my parents. We then went outside and put on our skis and went down to the first ski lift. I easily made it to the lift which made my parents surprised. I got onto the lift and when it…

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  • Exploring-Personal Narrative

    For Martyna. My best friend and biggest fan. Back Track Traveling through the mountains that are pregnant with a winter breeze, a light grey haze slowly forces itself into my line of sight. As we travel at this remarkable speed, the haze becomes brighter and brighter, slowly engulfing more and more of my surroundings. With each passing second, everything that I see forms one image. They become the spectacle that is my future. I’m still young and have no way to interpret what I have seen.…

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  • Reflection On Erik Wehenmayer

    No Barriers Reflection Imagine every sport you love playing being ripped away from you. One day, you’re able to hike up mountains to see a breathtaking view, and the next you can’t see two inches in front of you. This is exactly what happened to Erik Weihenmayer right before his first year of high school. Although he didn’t go blind out of the blue, it was still as if the Earth had shifted from right beneath him. Erik always new his juvenile retinoschisis would one day claim his vision, but…

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  • Narrative Essay On Snow

    A Snowboarders nightmare I was a kid about ten black hair and was so cool...ish. I was heading to a mountain a big white snowy mountain full of nerds. Just kidding there were cool. The First time I ever snowboarded I got lost. About two years ago was packing my bags in my room getting ready for my first snowboarding trip. I was double checking everything in my bag to make sure i had everything I needed, Gloves, hand warmer, goggles, helmet, and so on. Then it was time to leave. I was sitting in…

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  • Mountaineers In Lesile Stephen's The Playground Of Europe

    Mountaineers are small black dots on the peaks of mountains to onlookers. A mountaineer is an athlete who summits the peaks of mountains for sport. Through the lens of Lesile Stephen, British mountaineer turned author of the book “The Playground of Europe”, this essay defines the characteristics of those who start at 3:00 A.M. to summit peaks of mountains before noon, braving wind, ice, glaciers, and the lights the Alps have to offer. Stephen compares mountain climbing as a sport to formal…

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