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  • Citizen Kane Analysis

    Citizen Kane – Charles Forster Kane and Susan Alexander SHOT 1: Dissolve into an over-the-shoulder close up of Susan working on a jigsaw puzzle. She is completely dressed up as if she was getting ready to go out for a night on the town with an expensive gown and jewelry. The lighting design is very high contrast with Susan in white, while the background falls to solid black. Susan is in the left foreground of the shot as Kane’s booming voice can be heard saying “What are you doing?” While the shot does not tell the viewer, one can assume they are in a large, empty space as his voices echoes through the room. The camera rapidly pulls back as a dolly tracking shot as Susan turns her head towards the camera and the voice. SHOT 2: Cut to an extremely wide establishing shot of the other side of the room. The lighting is still high contrast with shafts of light shooting into the room. The viewer instantly sees the scale of the room as Kane enters in the distance. He is clad in black, very small on the frame, and answers his own question with the rhetorical question “Jigsaw puzzles?” In the left foreground of the frame there are several large statues stacked across the frame into the distance. Two are of Egyptian origin, the next is Greek, and the fourth appears to be Asian. The doorway looks like part of a European Church. These set pieces help to establish the size of the room and emphasize Kane’s wealth. As Kane walks into the shadows the camera pans with him as he…

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  • Personal Narrative: How Much Do You Love Checkers Mate

    assistance in creating a proper sentence which leads me to believe that they both didn 't know any better. 6 How 's it hanging? About 4 inches and slightly from the ear. We have no idea what makes somebody do this to a face or want it on a face. What I just thought of a funny saying. maybe he wanted to be known as something that isn 't his usual name. Maybe he lost abet and it was a really, really large debt. The mystery may never be solved. 7 I must admit, I like the idea of getting a cute…

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  • Analysis Of Girls Overheard While Assembling A Puzzle By Mary Szybist

    Award for Poetry. Out of the many wonderful poems in her book, her poem “Girls Overheard While Assembling a puzzle” is about a mysterious observer piecing together a conversation between two girls as they are trying to assemble together…

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  • Personal Narrative: Running Out Of Personal Interests

    Kevin then told me that he did not care about all of those and only wanted puzzles. This made me scared, I felt that if I kept talking about something like that he will run out of interests when I run out of puzzles. Then one day Kevin brought a big book of riddles and logic puzzles and asked if I wanted to help him solve some of the riddles. I was shell shocked, for the first time one of my “friends” took up one of my interests and wanted me to be part of their interest. When I did not know…

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  • Nobody Left To Hate And Freedom Writers Analysis

    One technique he used was named Jigsaw classroom, where the students had to understand that their collaboration is valuable to obtain a final product. If the collaboration of each student is important, the student is essential, therefore the other students will put aside their original thoughts and only focus on the final product. They depend on each other so they understand that they need to cooperate. Aronson also understood that to achieve a goal, the students need to put their own effort…

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  • Undertale Analysis

    opponent wants. A frog trying its hardest might just want a complement, or a dog might get too excited to fight if you just pet him. Doing the correct set of interactions will allow the user to space the opponent using MERCY, effectively ending the fight by both parties choosing to stop. The game turns into a sort of puzzle where you have to find out how to get away without resorting to violence, and the entire game can be completed without killing any of the people you meet. After you make your…

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  • My Third Field Trip

    They mainly address the few issues that I had while playing the game. The first one addresses the moderator in the room. I am not entirely sure if there is always a moderator in every one of these games, but based on my limited experience, I am going to assume that there is. I think that if there is another person that is not a part of the group solving the puzzles, and is acting as a hint giver, they should be in costume and in character. That way the players feel like everything is coming…

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  • Theme Of Growing Up In Alice In Wonderland

    Ah, THAT’S the great puzzle!’ (18) by making it a puzzle Alice is determined to use logic to solve it. Carroll presents a moral message of responsibitly and ‘social norms’ throughout the text. This is shown through how Alice has to understand wonderland but also become responsible for her own nonsense throughout the novel, only then can she escape back into the real world. Applying basic logic to wonderland does not work when trying to do the multiplication table ‘four times seven is oh dear! I…

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  • Analysis Of The Beginners Guide By Willie Wreden

    made, had you climb up a sequence of stairs until you slowed down to an unbearable crawling pace (Jacksepticeye 0:11:13). Davey modifies the game that way when you pressed enter you would be able to finish the game and enter the room at the top of those stairs. The warm and inviting rooms caught my attention as Jacksepticeye, a YouTuber played the game. He said it gave him a “warm, nice, fuzzy feeling” which made me curious about the creator and his intentions. Because he wants the game to be…

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  • Personal Narrative: Crash Bandicoot

    I do not play any video games what so ever now, unless they are silly puzzle games on my phone. My Fiancé, on the other hand will play video games all of the time. I guess I reached a point in my life where I am much too tired and focused on other things. Now thinking back to when I was much younger, I do remember playing video games constantly, and I even remember that I’d lock myself in my room for hours playing Crash Bandicoot: Warped. That video game took up a lot of my time on rainy days,…

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