My Third Field Trip

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For my third ‘field trip’ of the semester, the class was given the assignment to do something that they had never done before. A daunting task in general, because seeking out something that one has never done can be pretty difficult. I myself have had a few things that I would love to do if I could get a couple of people to come with me. I was interested in trying my hand at fencing, because playing with swords seems to be something smart to try to do. I brought up the idea to my group of friends in the class, and there was a lot of interest in giving it a shot.

So the research was on, and we scoured the internet for possibilities of classes to try our hand at the ever elusive sport. Success! We found a group that did a single intro
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I am a pretty tall person, so it 's easy for me to feel too big for a space, but it was everything in the room that felt oddly small. After some consideration I decided that it was the paintjob on the walls and the trim line that came up to about shin level. It had a way of compressing the room together. The ceiling didn’t help either, because it seemed a bit too close in, and didn’t really fit the theme that the rest of the room was shooting for. The tiled ceiling in modern office buildings don’t really seem like a fit for a depression-era office building. The colors were very grim as well, which did fit the aesthetic quite well. The room gave off a feeling of being sepia toned without being too forceful about it. The room felt lived in, but only a little bit. There was stuff strewn everywhere, but there just wasn’t enough to get the feeling across that it was someone’s office. It makes sense, because the set dressers cannot make that amount of clutter without sacrificing movement of the players or space for the players to work …show more content…
They mainly address the few issues that I had while playing the game. The first one addresses the moderator in the room. I am not entirely sure if there is always a moderator in every one of these games, but based on my limited experience, I am going to assume that there is. I think that if there is another person that is not a part of the group solving the puzzles, and is acting as a hint giver, they should be in costume and in character. That way the players feel like everything is coming from the game space, and they don’t feel like they are cheating too much or like they are breaking the immersion when they address the moderator. It would also help the players be set at ease when they originally walk into the room. The presence of a person that is a part of the world that they are in is less likely to feel out of place for the players, so less likely to break immersion. The argument could be made that the players being out of costume and out of character would break immersion just as much, but the players are invaders to the gamespace already, so the suspension of disbelief is easier for the players to hold when it comes to each other. The moderator is knowledgeable about the gamespace and therefore, to the players,

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