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  • Jonestown Massacre Research Paper

    in severity was the Peoples Temple based in Jonestown, Guyana. This particular cult was led by a man named Jim Jones. Jones had strong views on equality and wanted to create a place where people of all ages, races, and sexual orientations could live together in peace, therefore he started the Peoples Temple. The Temple was established in Indianapolis in the 1950’s. The Temple seemed to be a sort of Utopia and attracted many people who were longing for a sense of belonging. However, due to the massacre at Jonestown that killed nearly one thousand people, we can…

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  • Dystopia In George Orwell's '1984'

    The book "1984" was a perfect example of how a group of "chosen" disguise their Dystopian society, behind the facade of an Utopian ideas. Everyone was brainwashed into thinking absolutely nothing was wrong. In the case of "Jonestown cult", the followers had nowhere else to go and thought the cult was the best they could do. Utopian ideas was used by Jim Jones to lure his followers and used them for his own Dystopian world. It is a common theme that can be found throughout many Utopian stories. …

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  • Jesus Cobos Religion

    one man Jim Jones. Jones preached what the people wanted. He solely wasn’t just a voice, but rather a man who seemed to make…

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  • The Branch Davidians: A Psychological Analysis

    serve the warrant” (Britannica). The Branch Davidians did not stand down and fought back. “The result was a 51 day standoff between Koresh and Federal agents” (Koresh). This event left Koresh, all his followers and the compound up in flames for proceeding to listen to a destructive leader's commands. In addition to normative social influence, these cults used the psychological method groupthink. Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within a group of people, in which the desire…

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  • The Five Deaths In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

    The event took place in the nation of Guyana, South America, forming a settlement named Jonestown. Jones founded Peoples temple in the 1950s then relocated his congregation to California in the 1960s. After experiencing negative media he moved around 1,000 Peoples temple members to the Guyanese jungle, where he promised they would establish utopian community. Since it was meant to be a utopia, everyone was expecting to go perfectly, but there were issues surfacing. There wasn’t enough cabins to…

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  • The Butterfly Revolution Analysis

    This idea basically sealed their fates and voluntarily handed over their lives and all of their freedoms to the revolution itself and the leaders. The results of swearing allegiance to the revolution gave the leader Frank absolute power that is a very dangerous thing. One concerned camper noted “Frank just kind of takes things upon himself and people obey… it’s something about Frank Reilly himself.” It is very dangerous when people do not have free will and have handed it over to another person.…

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  • Machiavelli's The Qualities Of The Prince

    Qualities of the Prince”, he illustrates an example of a leadership figure who began his life as a generous man, but soon reframed because it led him nowhere during a time of need “ Pope Julius II, although he made use of his reputation for generosity in order to gain the papacy, then decided not to maintain it in order to be able to wage war”(Machiavelli 329). Although Machiavelli’s ideal leadership figure must be miser, the singular action one must never do is spending their people’s money…

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  • The Jonestown Massacre

    Jonestown Jim Jones was born in 1931; he was from Crete, Indiana. In the 1970’s Jones was a popular cult leader, and claimed himself to be the leader of the Peoples Temple religious cult. Jones promised a utopia to his followers that were dedicated disciples. “On November 18, 1978, in what became known as the Jonestown Massacre, Jones led more than 900 men, women and children to their deaths in a mass suicide by cyanide-laced punch.”(Editors).When Jim Jones promised a racially integrated…

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  • The Struggle For Hope In The 1970's

    It was tailor made for political rallies and it rose Jim Jones to power. During the 70’s he took a different turn, he began taking drugs and became more paranoid. His paranoia caused him to create paranoia in his followers, he made them believe that they were “just about to be destroyed” lucky for Jones a fire that burned down a temple helped validate his proposed statement, everyone is against them. This is when the beginning of Jonestown starts, he proposes for them to handle their own…

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  • Jonestown Massacre Definition

    in all of U.S. history. James Warren “Jim” Jones who was the leader and founder of a cult known as Peoples temple in Indiana in 1970’s led this infamous event. Jim Jones started a racially integrated church with the pure intention to help others in need. The occurrences at Jonestown have been described in two different terms: as the “Jonestown suicides” and as the “Jonestown massacre.” The occurrence at Jonestown has been described in two different terms: as the “Jonestown suicides” and as the…

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